Rosenborg Castle – The Pride Of Denmark

Rosenborg Castle – The Pride Of Denmark

Rosenborg Castle is the highly renowned castle in the Denmark. The Castles is highly visited place and is one of the top tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Rosenborg Castle is bounded by the growing pink forest that has developed across the streets of this region. The metaphorical ballrooms and the luxurious halls that were constructed in the year 1606

Rosenborg Castle Denmark

and served as the summer home of the Danish King Christian IV are now transformed into the museum. This museum is a domicile to different cultural treasures. The regal things like the royal jewels, the bear glasses and even the baby shoes are perfectly conserved in this fortress even today. Each belonging of the regal families are circumspectly looked after in this castle.

The castle strikes a startling blend of the lavishness and the hominess. It is crammed with the relics, yet the interior part of the castle seems to be knocked out. It seems as if the place was humiliated by all the richness it contained. The red – brick exterior of the palace suggests a peculiarity that is deficient from almost all European castles. The castle is not the largest castle of the nation but still it is the busiest fortress in entire Denmark. It is the place in Denmark that serves as the mirror to the history of Denmark. This is a unique fortress and millions of tourist come and stop at this place to view the Danish Monarchy.

The opening places of the interest that attract the tourist include the crown jewels, the Danish Crown insignia, complicated coronation chairs, sweeping family portraits, and the pearl studded coronation lumber. The three silver lions guard the vast noble wealth in the Knight’s Hall. The Knight’s Hall is the loveliest fragment of the entire Rosenborg Castle. The peripheral art pieces present in this section of the castle take account of the ancient beer glasses. These artifacts add a beauty to the Rosenborg Castle.

There are innumerable castles that are present in Denmark but the Rosenborg Castle is the perfectly situated in the centre of Copenhagen. Since the capital of Denmark is fit for a journey on foot the Rosenborg castle is a perfect place that can be explored when you make a visit to this city. It is situated close to the popular tourist attractions like Amalienhaven and the Kastellet. The King’s Garden that bounds the fortress is the oldest regal garden in Denmark. This is also an admired meeting place for both tourists and local residents which is quite warm in the months of summer.

The place is a complete tourist spot and you will definitely enjoy your trip to this place.

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