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Eden National Park – Great Sculpt of England

Eden National Park is a mountain resort which exists at 3000 feet above the sea level. Most of the area in the National Park is man – made! It is a great sculpt that point towards the fact that man can re – create the nature and rebuilt the environment. This was

Eden National Park

exposed in the days of 1971. The resort was a logged area that was covered by the thick blanket of the wild grass. The main aim of building this resort was to restore the nature and its beauty.

As soon as the roof of this resort was constructed out of the mountain slope thousands of seedlings of the pine tree was planted. As the pine grew it created high canopies which permitted other trees and plants in their growth. This led to the formation of a secondary forest. At present there are around 100000 pine trees that are prevalent in around 80 hectares of the park. The pine – trees offer a refreshing backdrop to the attraction spots of this National Park.

Firstly you make a friendly relation with the tourist guide present in the premises of the park. The staff of this National Park is very friendly and cordial. They provide us with all what we will need at the time of our trip. As soon as you start your trip to the park you must start with the Shuttle Tour. After this you can go for the mountain trail. We can rather term it as the mountain challenge! You will be provided with a map so that you are not lost from your track. If you will try to go on the supplementary track you will land on the jungle adventure which will be quite tough!

The corridor of your jungle escapade will be grubby but you will come across loads of weird species. After this you will land on the Lola’s garden. In this garden you will come athwart to the beauty of nature and the copious richness of the ecosystem of Davao. You can enjoy your leisure time in the park by strolling at the place you like. You can then take the stopover at the sky riding spot. You will surely enjoy each minute you spend at this place!  The very next spot of for you to stopover is the Fishing Village. The tourists are allowed to fish Tilapia and Hito. These varieties of fishes serve as the dish for the local residents in the region.

So you can enjoy your trip to England by tripping the Eden National Park. I hope this will be one of your most mesmerized visits through out your life.