Malbork Castle – Feast For Eyes

Malbork Castle – Feast For Eyes

The Malbork Castle at Malbork is one of the supreme historical attractions in the entire Poland. This gigantic edifice was erected by the Grand master of Teutonic Knights – Siegfried Von Feuchtwanger in the year 1309. Both the fortress and the town were named after the benefactor saint of this country- the Virgin Mary. This fortress became the seat

Castle Malbork

of the Teutonic Order and it is the largest Gothic fort in the whole continent of Europe. At t5he time of the Thirteen Year War this castle in Mareinburg served as the place of collateral by the Teutonic Order. The soldiers of the Bohemia vended this citadel to King Casmir 1457 in the lieu of their pay.

Under the safe construction for nearly 230 years this citadel was a complex formation of three other forts that were linked to each other. It is a classical paradigm of the forts in the medieval period. It is the largest brick castle in the world and also an impressive construction in the Europe. At the time when World War II broke out this castle was in the process of reconstruction. During the war it was half destroyed and since then it is being restored. The chief cathedral of the castle has been absolutely reinstated. The castle and the museum of this castle are enlisted in the UNESCO – World’s Heritage Sites.

The ticket booth is erected just on the outer fringe of the Castle. Adults can buy their tickets for 30 PLN – about 15 US dollar. You will need a photo or a video license if you are willing to take some snaps or video shoots of the castle. This may cost you some extra dollars, but it will not be a waste if you are a lover of History, photographer or a castle enthusiast.

If you aim at touring situate with the guides then you will face some extraordinary expenses. If you visit Malbork in the off – season, then you are benefited with the good English guides which are not available in the peak season. The tour at this castle may consume your complete three hours. But it also depends on your and the guide’s enthusiasm. You are advised to get inside the fort by 2 pm else you will not be facilitated with the tour of the interior part of the castle. Before entering the fort make sure that you are either accompanied by a guide or have a guidebook in your hand.

So if you are a history buff then this fortress will quench your thirst for the history of entire country. I hope that you have a great time in this spot.

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