Tatra Mountains – Acknowledge The Natural Beauty

Tatra Mountains – Acknowledge The Natural Beauty

The Tatra Mountains is the mountain range that forms the natural boundary between Slovakia and Poland. They take up an area of 750 sq. km. The main part of these

Tatra Mountains

mountains lies in Slovakia. The tallest mountain in this mountain range lies in Gerlach at 2655 meters, in Slovakia just north to Poprad. The north-western peak of the Rysy is the highest peak in the range of these Polish mountains. The Tatra Mountain Range comprises of:

  1. Western Tatras.
  2. Eastern Tatras.
  3. High Tatras.
  4. Belianske Tatras.

The Tatra Mountain Range is the highest mountain range in the entire group of the Carpathian Mountains. Apart from the fact that this mountain range is smaller than the Alps, yet they are cataloged as having the Alpine backdrop. The huge character of this mountain range is often pooled with its accessibility and this makes the place popular among the tourists as well as the scientists.

The Tatra Mountain Range, particularly the High Tatras are well – known for the Four Glaciations, which they underwent with! The highly far – reaching alterations which were caused by the glacier of 100 – 230 meters in thickness is the most remarkable and apparent feature of these mountain ranges. The mountain Range was formed by the glacial erosion which was responsible for the formation of ample of Alpine Cliffs. Some of the Alpine Cliffs which were formed by this factor are 1000 meters high.

Since the mountain range lies in the area of the Temperate Zone of Central Europe they act as the chief and most prominent obstruction in the movements of the winds. The topography of the region in which these mountain range lies is responsible for the diverse climate of this region. The effects of the Global Warming were noticed on this mountain range in the early 1980’s. The mean velocity of the winds that blow over this range was found quite near to six meters per second.

The temperatures of this mountain range lie in between – 40 C in the winter to 33 C in the warm season. The temperatures of this mountain range vary according to the elevation and the area of exposure to the sun rays. The area experiences the temperature below 0 C for nearly 190 days. Maximum thickness of the mountain range was calculated around 320 meters in the month of March. Peaks are often covered with the snow all over the year and the avalanches are frequently experienced by the peoples.

The visit to this place is really mesmerizing and rare. So try to taste the wild life of this place.

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