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Togean Island – A Mythical Beach Paradise

The Togean Islands have been out of the sights and the minds of many people since a long time. The ignorance of the Indonesian Government towards this tourist spot has rendered it undeveloped. The islands have served as the vanguard for many groups of

Togean Island

conversationalists. Many efforts were made so that the spot can gain the status of the Togean National Park. Nevertheless, due to the slow – moving machinery of the bureaucratic helms in Jakarta the spot has never seeded the status of the national park.

The efforts are now in action to grant the local marine preservation rights to this area. It is expected that the process will gain a speed and encourage the local dwellers of this place to guard the area properly. This will bring the required revenue to the common dwellers of this area of Sulawesi. The travelers of this place have to undergo a long tour. The place makes you have the benefit of the lazy days.  You can enjoy the sunbathing, beachcombing, scuba diving and snorkeling.  You may explore the dense wooded forests of this beach. The lifestyle of the people of this area is simply appealing and tempting.

This island lies in the deep water basin and is protected from every part of the four directions by the spread arms of Sulawesi. The calm and the tranquil water of this island are full of the naval and aquatic life. The beaches of this spot are very clean and are left undisturbed. There is a rumor that the Togean Islands are on the edge of becoming the next hit travelling market in the entire world.

The Togean Islands offer an exclusive opportunity to both divers and the snorkelers to all its tourists. They are offered to discover all the three varieties of the coral reefs, fringe and atoll. There is a wide selection of the sites for diving from the gentle slopes to the dramatic drop offs. It is the faultless and perfect spot for the beginners. The place is experienced by some of the deeper dives for the sophisticated diver.

This place was formed by the volcanic eruptions. The island is covered with the lush rainforest and also enclosed by some of the formations of the ancient coral reefs. It offers a habitat to the animals like Hawksbill turtle, Green Turtle and the Dugong. The Macaque of Tooke is commonly visualized on this island. There are nearly 37 villages on this piece of land.

It is a perfect place where you can spend a splendid vacation. This is a best and most suitable recreational spot for your family.