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Europaturm – A Majestic Landmark of Germany

We all are aware of the fact that Germany is one of the major tourist attractions of the world. People from all across the world love to enjoy their holidays with their family


members in the midst of exotic and marvelous attractions of Germany. Primordial castles and palaces, exotic amusement parks and various man made structures are densely placed in different sites of Germany. Well if you are also planning to visit one of the best attractions of Germany this vacation with your family members and if you want to make your holidays memorable throughout your life, then you must read this article once.
Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the necessary facts related to the grand Europaturm of Germany.

The grand Europaturm is located in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. It is the highest telecommunication tower of Germany and the height of this splendid structure is 337.5 meters or 1107.3 feets. The literal meaning of Europaturm is the Tower of Europe. Today, this grand tower is really one of the major attractions for the tourists of Europe and Germany.

This grand monument was designed by the architect Erwin Heinle. The construction of this tower began in the year 1974. It took more than 5 years for the construction of this exotic monument and this tower became the tallest building of the Federal Republic of Germany. There is also a large antenna at the top of this tower. This grand antenna at the top is mainly used for telecommunication purposes. The height of the tower without the height of the antenna is about 295 meters which makes it the second largest tower of Germany.

The grand base of this tower is about 59 meters thick which is the widest as compared to any other structure of the world. The top section of the tower provides a spectacular and amazing view of the Rhine Main Area. In the earlier times, the Europaturm was well enhanced with the restaurant and a discotheque at its upper section but in the year 1999, this grand and stunning monument was closed for the public.

The antenna which is placed at the top of the tower was replaced in the year 2004 and a new six ton antenna was placed at the top of the tower with the help of helicopters. Then height of this spectacular monument is nearly equal to that of the Eiffel Tower.

The grand Europaturm is really an amazing monument of Germany. Make sure that you visit this majestic landmark during your vacations with your family.