Golgusa Temple – Twelve Rock Caves

Golgusa Temple – Twelve Rock Caves

The Golgusa Temple in Korea is situated in the 20 km east of the olden city of Gyeongju. This is present in the southeastern part of Korea. This was erected by the ancient Silva Dynasty. The Golgusa Temple is one of the oldest historical ruins of the Buddhist shrines. This stone Buddha Temple is on the Mount Hamwol. It is the only cave temple in the entire part of Korea. The original temple was erected from the solid rock in the 6th century.

The Golgusa Temple contains some sculptures of Maya Tathagata Buddha who is well – known as the Tathagata. This shrine of the Korea was constructed by the Saint Kwang Yoo and his Companions. This old edifice of Korea looked as if it was not touched at all. By this I mean to say that it seems as if nobody has ever made even a single effort to restore this structure. A visitor can take a notice of the paint that is getting faded. It is easy to construct a new edifice but it is not an easy task to get a historical heritage like this which brings you close to the history of Austria.

The food available in this region is vegetarian. It is not too chilly or over – spiced, as compared to the usual edible items of Korea. You will be provided with the rice, Kim – Chew, some green vegetables, Tofu, Beans, Porridge, Noodles, and Soup. You can eat as long and as much as you wish! But be careful that you there is a Sunmudo Training after your heavy dinner.

Then after all this when you get some spare time you have to spend it on chanting some holy prayers. After the training and chanting the prayers the lights of this temple is out by 22:00. However if you are a late guest at your bed then you can spent it on any activity you like to, but remember that all this must be done in the private rooms that you have booked for yourself!

The most vulnerable segment of this temple is revived by the ancient artifacts. The people who are a devotee to Sunmudo believe that one can attain for the higher state of mind by paying a visit to this spiritual, calm and beautiful spot of Korea.

This is the best and most desirable spot for any Buddhist. They love to come at this place and seek the blessings of their Gods! They believe that for any Buddhist a visit at this place is important at least once in his entire life.

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