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Granville Island – Perfect Shopping Place For Tourists

The Granville Island is located in Vancouver, Canada. It is also nicknamed as the shopping district of Canada. Long time back it was the major manufacturing district but now it is a popular tourist attraction. There are lots of things which can be discovered by the tourist from the markets to the theatres and recreational activities. It is not only famous among

Granville Island

the tourist but even the local people admire this place very much.

The Granville Island is a very busy place as you will always find it full of people. The main attraction of the market is the exclusive variety of things available for the visitors. People who love to shop a lot can enjoy this place. Apart from the various shopping centers there are many theatres where plays are organized for the people. The well known theaters are really a source of entertainment for both the local residents as well as the tourists.

Another highlighting feature of the island is the number of restaurants that you will come across and the variety of food items. You will be amazed by their preparations and the way they present the dishes before you. You must try them to experience the fresh and exquisite dishes which have a touch of the Canadian style. The food is tasty, delicious and scrumptious. I’m sure you will appreciate their gesture and the love.

Tour next trip is towards the center where you will find some of the renowned work forms that remind you about the culture and traditions of Canada. The unique crafts that are designed by the artist are worth watching. For those who have interest in paintings can also see a few artists giving form to their feelings. It is an exciting experience to watch the.

There are lots of fruits and flowers market that are usually seen near the market lanes. If you sometimes go out during the morning you will find that the markets are full with colorful flowers and fruits. Most of the local people buy them from these markets as they are fresh. For the kids there are special water parks with joy rides and roller coasters.

Reaching this island is very easy as there are ferry services arranged for the tourist. These are from the Granville Island to Vancouver. Thus one can easily reach there without any transportation problems.

The Granville Island is the ideal place where you have the combination of both recreation and fun. Therefore plan your visit as soon as possible to explore this new attraction.