Nyborg Castle – A Historical Landmark Of Denmark

Nyborg Castle – A Historical Landmark Of Denmark

The Nyborg castle is located in the Nyborg city of Denmark. This castle is mainly situated on the coast of the island.  It is a very ancient monument that holds significance about the culture and the traditions that were followed during that period. It is the royal building

Nyborg Castle

that is grand as well as splendid. The castle is still preserved as one of the belongings of Denmark.

The palace was established in the 12th century which consists of a tower that is known as the Knud’s Tower. It is made up of the Redstone brick. These are rectangular in shape having two storey building. These small towers are built on all the four corners of the castle. They are like the guards that are used for guarding the castle. The ground floor is used for meetings while the next one for their personal use.

The Nyborg castle is mainly a meeting hall where the King meets all the reputed people and discusses all the matters. But after the 15th century the King Hans added a new floor to the castle and since then he is been living there all the year round. After that the castle was damaged but then it was rebuild in the Renaissance style. The design was based on the modern architecture and a common entrance was made for the castle.

After it have been rebuild it has become more beautiful and a lavish home for the King. The visitors who visit the castle are spell bound with its beauty and the architecture that is done on it. Later on it was open for public in the year 1925. Sometimes exhibitions are also held for the visitors so that they see the lavish life that is led by the King. Also the stones, jewels and artifacts of those times are displayed. The tourist has lots of things to enjoy.

The castle is extensively a marvelous piece of work that holds great importance in history. For the people who wish to know more about this castle can hire a guide who will tell you more about the historical background that the palace has. Even the minute details of the building can be explored easily. The walls and the interiors are well furnished which gives a magnificent look to the castle.  The castle is the oldest building which has a small café and a museum too. Both are open only from April to October while the other times it remains closed.

So if you are also interested in knowing what is so special about the Nyborg Castle then you will have to visit it once to have this amazing experience.

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