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Pigeon Island National Park – A Trip To The Pulsating Wonderland

The Pigeon Island National Park is one of the most famous parks of Sri Lanka. It is located only one kilometer from the Nilaveli coast. It has derived its name from the bird pigeon

Pigeon Island National Park

that is most abundant in this park. Also the park is known for some of the well known coral reefs. The park has a bit dry temperatures as it is situated in the dry region of Sri Lanka.

The national park is a part of the pigeon island that was established in the year 2003. Earlier it was a sanctuary. The island is divided in to two areas one is the large pigeon island and the other is the small one. The coral reefs are found in the large pigeon island. It has both the plant and the animal species. There are different types of both plant and animal species together with the huge number of both of them. It has about 100 species of coral reefs.

The other animals that are the part of the pigeon island national park are the various types of turtles and rock pigeon. The rock pigeon is one of the most attractive attributes of this park. The visitors come to watch the rock pigeon from different parts of the world.

One can enjoy both the park and the wildlife that is found here. The kids can enjoy the park as there are lots of options for them. Apart from viewing the animals you can also explore the beauty of the park. The majestic landscapes together with the green environment are the most attractive feature. One can enjoy them a lot with their children.

The national park is also a picnic spot for the vacationer. Not only the visitors but also the local people love to visit the park. It is the best place to enjoy and also have a good time together with the family. The atmosphere is cool, vibrant and pleasant. It is a very nice experience to spend your vacations in the nature’s arms. For those who love to be close to nature can feel it here. For them the national park is just the right one that they would be looking for.

One of the major aims of this park is to engage in fish collection and fishing. But now there has been a sudden dwindle in the variety of the fishes.

Therefore the pigeon island national park is the best attraction that you would always cherish and wish to visit it again and again.