Cottesloe Beach – A Majestic Ambiance Filled with Beauty and Charisma

Cottesloe Beach – A Majestic Ambiance Filled with Beauty and Charisma

A natural vacation spot is one of the best holiday destinations where most of the people from all across the world love to spend some grand moments of their life with their family members and relatives. Generally most of the people love to enjoy their seasonal holidays in the lapse of natural beauty and splendor so that they can easily make their vacations

Cottesloe Beach

memorable. You can easily avail yourself with mental calmness and relaxation through the soothing and peaceful environment of these natural vacation spots.

There are a large number of exotic and spectacular natural vacation spots that are located in different parts of the world. So, if you are also looking out for a perfect holiday destination where you can easily spend some peaceful and great moments with your family members, then you must read thi8s article once. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the necessary facts related to the grand Cottesloe Beach of Australia.

The grand Cottesloe Beach side is located in the Perth City of Western Australia. This grand beachside is located at halfway between the Port of Fremantle and the Perth Central Business District. This grand suburb of Western Australia is very much famous among the tourists for its exotic beaches and spectacular natural beauty. Today, the Cottesloe Beachside of Western Australia is one of the most visited attractions of the Perth City.

This grand beach side is bounded by the Indian Ocean from The Western side, Servetus Street from the Eastern side, North Street from the Northern side and the famous Vlamingh Memorial from the Southern side. The major part of this grand beach side is used for the residential purpose. There is also a shopping area which is located along the Stirling Highway which is very near to the beach side.

In the earlier times, the coast of this grand beach contained a concrete structure named as Ocean Pylon. More than 172000 US dollars were invested in the construction of this structure. This Ocean Pylon was destroyed by the heavy storms in May, 2009. Since that time, this structure is serving as a platform for the divers.

This grand beach offers many adventures and recreations for its visitors like beach cricket, surfing, swimming, windsurfing, fishing, beach volleyball, diving and many other water adventures. You can easily hire the beach accessories that are available in the nearby shops at a reasonable price.

Well, these are some of the essential information about the Cottesloe Beach of Western Australia. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic natural vacation spot during your holidays.

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