Eilean Donan Castle – A Quixotic Spot Of Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle – A Quixotic Spot Of Scotland

Eilean Donan is a small island that holds its existence on the land of Loch Duich Scotland. It is present on the western flat terrain of the country. It is linked to the mainland of Scotland by a walkway bridge that lies around is present at the distance of half mile from

Eilean Donan Castle

the rural community of Domie. This island holds its name after Donnan of Eigg. The island is domesticated by the charming and a stunning citadel. It is recognized as one of the most ionic metaphors of the Scotland. This isle is well known all around the world.

On this isle there are three great sea lochs that are surrounded by some grand and majestic panoramas. The little but wonderful castle has now occupied the place of the most toured and vital attractions in Scottish moorland. It was originally colonized just about the 6th century. This first castle was erected on the land of the Eilean Donan isle in the 13th century. It stood as a guard on the lands of Kintail. From that time at least four versions of the palace have been erected to signify the feudal history of the country that remained unfolded since centuries.

The fort was destroyed and left ruined in the uprising of the Jacobi in the year 1719. The procedure to restore and refurbish the castle began in the year 1911. This made the castle to recover its ex- magnificence and splendor. After a period of twenty years the citadel was reopened in the year 1932.

The fort is presently the centre for the visitor that has a ticket booth, coffee bar, gift store and many more facilities. The service for parking your car is present free of cost. You will also receive a grand welcome at the grand social gatherings.

Apart from the fact that the spot has no disabled or wheelchair access, the fort has a virtual tour that is based on the computer. This facility is provided to those people who are unable to mange a large number of staircases. You can also take the advice of the centre for the visitors if you want to avail yourself with this facility.

Some of the people think that the Eilean Donan castle is the most splendid tourist destination for the tourist at Scotland. You can come and discover the corners of the citadel and enjoy the history of this isle. This fort is the best and most popular site for the weddings and the film locations.

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