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Ko Chang – A Place Where The Beauty And Dare Comes Along

Thailand is a home of exotic islands and Ko Chang is the second largest island here. It is the biggest island in the Eastern Thailand and it is really a secluded heaven. The dramatic landscapes of this place spell bound the global visitors. Koh Chang is nestled in Trat province which is close to the Cambodian border and accredited as the backpacker

Koh Chang Island

destination. There are amazing rain forests and some of the world class beaches can be found here.

You will find an unending list of enchantments that you can visit here and this place offers incredible sites for all. The Mu Ko Chang National Park is the most preferred national marine park consisting of some parts of Ko Chang along with 46 other islands. War Memorial Monument is positioned at the south of the island and is acclaimed as a great attraction. It is a place with pristine white beaches which are mostly deserted along with spectacular wildlife. You will witness great selection of selection of birds, deer, elephants and some deadly snakes.

It is a place of some breathtaking waterfalls and the list comprises of Klong Plu which the most popular magnetism here and is situated at the west side of this island. Klong Nonsi is another one on the eastern side of Koh Chang. Klong Nueng is one which is the most awe- inspiring one. Kongoi is a place where there are 5 waterfalls nearby Bangbao and The Thanmayom is situated near Thanmayom pier.

This amazing beach offers you plentiful opportunities to please your senses. The visually striking water of Koh Chang entices every visitor to come and realish a dive in the deep water. You can walk around the Than Mayom Waterfall and to Khlong-Plu Waterfall where you need to pay a charge for enjoying a bath. If it is not sufficient for you, trek in the dense jungles but keep a guide along.

Learn how to cook mouth watering Thai cuisines, practice Yoga and Reiki or enjoy the sea kayaks. Apart from these you can charter your sailing boat, can play the rope and harness or can take pleasure in pulsating tree climbing. Snorkeling, elephant treks and watching the quaint settings of the amazingly beautiful beach are some of the ideas which if practiced will remain fresh in your memories all through your life.

You can easily be in this island through the flights frequently departing from Bangkok airport or can use the sea ways, buses, hire a taxi or limousine and can take a boat ride. November and February are the best seasons to be in.

So pack your bag and celebrate the gala time.