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Edo Tokyo Museum – Come Close To The History Of Japan

Unlike other museums in Tokyo, the Edo Tokyo Museum is also well erected for the worldwide visitors. It shows the signs of the completely labeled English leaflets and the

Edo Tokyo Museum

headphone sets that are availed to each visitor of this museum. You can get these headsets from the ticket booth or from the Volunteer Counter, which is present at the first floor. You can also make the arrangement of the freely available personal English speaking guides!

The everlasting and enduring exhibition is present at the first and the fifth floor of this museum. The storey of this museum is classified into different zones. The Edo zone highlights on the 15th to the mid 19th century. On the other hand the Tokyo Zone focuses at the period from the mid 19th century. The Edo Citadel has been refurbished with a bridge area and some typical houses.

The museum is designed in a Tokyo style at its corner. It is enormous and to some extent informative presentation that is dedicated to the Edo’s pleasure quarter. The exhibition has some striking and stunning features that are loved by its visitor. In the Edo zone and the life – size renovation of the Kabuki Cinema Hall is really gorgeous. You must take a view of the minuscule model of working of this theatre that displays the concealed clandestine of the stage.

Several industries are demonstrating the examined, advertising and publishing to name a few. In the Tokyo Zone you can take a splendid view of the western influences that are creeping in. Erected by the 1890 by the Mitsubishi Company the offices in the museum were designed under the influence of the Lombard Street in London. The post war of the Japan and hi – tech Tokyo can be easily noticed in the works at this museum. Finally the video demonstration at the museum bangs up the date with a controversial and sensitive appearance of the life of the city all around the world.

Conceivably the modern and the updated show signs of its own right at the moments when you are about to leave this museum. But before you leave this place you must be sure that you have visited every corner of the museum! Do not fail to remember to take the gaze of the edifice itself. At its utmost point it has the similar elevation of the Edo Castle.

So even if you are not a history bug then also this place has a lot in store for you!