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Queen Sirikit Park – Splurge A Mesmerizing Vacation At Thailand

These days Bangkok is considered as largest and the soul city in the entire Asian continent. It is considered as the vital and a prime spot for the international trade and business center. Apart from being a core and central place for the trading companies it also

Queen Sirikit Park

provides its visitors with some grand and exotic vacations spots. The Queen Sirikit Park which is located in the focal point of Thailand is one of the grand and splendid tourist spot for the vacationers.

The Park was erected to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the majesty Queen Sirikit. It is one of the leading and the prime park in the soul place of the Bangkok city. The park was constructed in the land that was adjacent to the land of the Golf Course which was possessed by the State railway of the country. The park can be classified into various areas the serve as the place that lays the stress on the various facets that the natural world holds.

The external periphery of the park is surrounded by the Golden Shower trees that flourish into an assortment of yellow flowers. Inside the Park there is a Chatuchak Botanical Garden. Here you can explore the huge collection of the intercontinental specie that is adorned by the tourists. They include the species that derive their names from the regal families. The lotus and the lily backyard are the most pleasant section of this park.

The rainforest of the country are a home to some exclusive and colorful plant diversity. Among all these plants the most popular is the Yan Da Oh. It was brought at this place from the Budo mountain range. It has some unusual but eye – catching colors.  The flowers of this plant blossom in the months of August and September. This plant forms the popular and gorgeous spot for the tourists in the park.

There is a Children’s Discovery museum in the park that is adored by the kids. It is a complete package for the fun and education. It can be classified into eight sections that make up the astute displays and the leisure bustles. The park is an exquisite one which also cares about the needs of the impaired who are suffering from different problems. It is open only from Tuesday to Friday while Mondays are closed always.

In all a great tourist attraction which has spelled bounding features. You will definitely enjoy the trip a lot.