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Ueno Zoo – Gaze The Natural Life

The Ueno Zoo is a zoological patch which is positioned in the Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan. This park has innumerable exhilarating tourism and is one of the highly popular destinations amongst the foreign tourists of Japan. If you are hunting for a exclusive spot to spend your vacations then this ids a perfect place that will serve your desire of the

Ueno Zoo

interesting and thrilling holiday trip at Tokyo. Get away from the chaos of the country for few moments and enjoy the soothing effects of this place.

The Ueno Zoo will bestow you with a serene and some stimulating instants. This may surprise you when you come in the contact with wild and rare species of the animals, the foliage of this place. This is the largest Zoo that is located in the centre of the city. This is the earliest zoo of Japan which was constructed in the year 1882. At present this zoo is an abode to more than 2800 mammals that belong to more than 500 species. Apart from having the huge diversity this is a great place to visit!

This park of Tokyo was constructed as an official part of Kenaii – ji, which is a family shrine in the city of Tokugawa Shoguns. It remained as one of the historical edifices from the Edo era in the area of this zoo. This is an exclusive feature of the Ueno Zoo. This zoological park is subdivided into two fragments: The East Garden and The West Garden. Here you will be provided with some sole facilities. Every segment of these fragments will offer you with some close interactions with the wild animals. So you can explore the fascinating and some indulgent features of this Zoo.

At the moment you enter the main gate and you are at the entrance of this East Garden, you will have a splendid view of the Asian Elephants, Snow Monkeys and few other exotic animals. You must keep in mind to take the pleasure from the sight of the Gorilla and the Tiger Forest and also the Bear Hill. The al fresco enclosed space in the west garden is occupied by the Giraffes, Hippopotamus and the Zebras. You can also take a view of the hoofed animals. The aquarium of the zoo flaunts the reptiles, amphibians and the fishes. The Zoo of the kids provides them with the straight contact the numerous domesticated animals.

This is an ideal place to spend your vacations with your family or friends.