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Donana National Park – Make An Awesome Interaction With The Natural World

The Donana National Park of Spain is well known for its huge diversity of the species of bird that exist here. It is one the largest colony of Spanish imperial Eagles of the world. The national park has the three distinct variety of the ecosystem. They are: The Mariasmas,

Donana National Park

coastal mobile dunes and the Mediterranean scrublands.

This park was set up with the collaboration of the Spanish government and the World Wildlife Fund. It was originally opened in the year 1963 to promote the tourism of Spain. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions that are visited by millions of people every year. The entire park is full of natural beauty that the nature has bestowed on this park.  You will be really amazed with its natural sightseeing apart from the wildlife.

There are different types of rare species that are found in this park which consists of different varieties of Dolphins and fishes. You will also come across several plant species together with the colorful birds. The visitors are astonished over the stunning and attractive animals that are not found anywhere else. The eye catching attractions of this park are the camel that is worth seeing. The other species include the purple heron which are also an attracting attributes for the tourist.

Apart from the vesting the wildlife you can also explore the large forest which is spread in several acres of land. The natural environment gives a soothing feeling to all the visitors who come to visit this park.  There are many other things to enjoy like the nature and the greenery that is spread in an entire Donana national Park. Therefore it can be a perfect place for the tourist to discover something new and unique.

If you love adventure and wish to enjoy your day then you do camping which is the favorite activity that is done by the tourist. The camping sites consists long area around the park so you have lots of more to explore. When you complete visiting the park then you go for finding the best accommodation for yourself. There are lots of options which can be easily found outside the park.

The best way to reach the park is by hiring the car that can take you directly to the Donana National Park. Therefore the visitors can find the cheap and best viable option for themselves.

Therefore visiting the park can surely be a thrilling experience which you will always cherish.