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Francis Farewell Square – A Guide To The History Of Durban

Francis Farewell Square is a monument located in Durban and is surrounded by several various types of other historical buildings. Being the busiest city it is well known for the historical background and the past that it holds. The monuments depict the ancient past

Francis Farewell Square

and the culture that is significant till date. It is a famous tourist attraction as thousands of people come to visit this attraction every year.

A long time back there was no such place called as the Francis Farewell Square because in its place there was a settlement which was founded in 19th century. The spot was renowned for hunters who established their homes here. This was the scene of the year 1824 but later on it was transformed in to the monument that you still see. The square was named after Henry Francis Flynn who was a permanent resident of Durban.

To the adjacent sides of the Francis Farewell Square you have the Durban City Hall and on the other side there is an Old Court House. The design of the City hall was prepared by Stanley Hudson in the year 1910. This greatly resembles the city hall of Ireland. This was started in 1885 but officially it was opened in 1824.  At the center there is a statue of Winston Churchill’s together with the museum that exhibits the paintings and the artifacts of Durban.

The attractive feature of this museum is the events and the performances that are organized only on Wednesdays. Therefore if the tourist want to enjoy their day then it is better to visit the museum on Wednesday. These include the dance shows, performances in music etc. Apart from the entertainment it is a finest educational center for kids where they can experience the historical past of Durban.

It is such a majestic building those visitors can’t afford to miss it. There are huge paintings that are based on the carvings done on wood and rock. The other attraction consists of paintings that depict the soldier carried by two beautiful angels. The gorgeous and the elegant painting is the finest masterpiece. The other monuments are built to dedicate the love towards Queen Victoria.

The Francis Farewell Square is considered as one of the cultural heritage sites that is a perfect combination of art and entertainment. One can enjoy the history while exploring lots of amazing facts.

Therefore if you plan to go to Durban you must visit the Francis Farewell Square. Hope your journey is pleasant and enjoyable.