Make An Enthralling and Amusing Trip At Cubbon Park

Make An Enthralling and Amusing Trip At Cubbon Park

The Cubbon Park is the highlighting feature of the city of Bangalore which is well-known tourist attraction popular for its elegance and beauty. Apart from being the most visited spot of the city, the natural environs showers its fragrance on this beautiful park. The

Cubbon Park

park serves as the lungs of the city which is spread over 300 acres. The chief engineer of the Mysore city – Sir Richard Sankey had laid the base of this park in the year 1864. It derives its name after the name of Sir Mark Cubbon, the longest serving commissioner of Bangalore.

This park is devoted to Aeshadri Aiyar, which has a children’s park and a doll museum. The attractions at this park make it different from any other recreational spot at the city. The aquarium at the foyer of this park boasts of having a splendid collection of the exotic species of the marine animals. This aquarium is the second largest aquarium of the country. The lush greenery of the Cubbon Park is broken down by the boulevard which serves as an ideal place for the joggers and the people who are fitness – conscious and work unto sweat.

The walks at the early morning on this track are a perfect delight and an enjoyable activity at for the people of this city. It is a finicky and pleasant spot for the kids to hang out; it is quite secure from the busy street tracks of this city. You can time and again see the kids playing games and climbing the natural rocks inside the park. The essential garden inside the park has an open juncture, which is often utilized by the carcass or the proficient artistes for the performers and the gigs.

For the people who love who work up an eagerness of walking or strolling at the parks can come at this place and enjoy their day! You will be offered with some eating alternatives in the park. The kids can enjoy the refreshments and the fruits at the limit of this park. You can enjoy some refreshing moments at this park. The park offers you some fun filled moments with your family. Every location in the Cubbon Park can be easily accessed from the walking paths. This place is accessible for the public at all days of the week. But do not forget that the road networks are closed for the traffic from 5 am to 8 am everyday.

If you want to get an enjoyable experience then you must surely visit the Cubbon Park. You will certainly have a unforgettable visit at this spot.

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