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Durban Botanic Gardens – Sense The Fragrance And Diversity Of The Nature

The Durban Botanic Gardens are present on the undulations of the Durban ridge and is one of the oldest buildings which are surviving till date.  There are several botanic

Durban Botanic Gardens

gardens in different parts of the world and this chain began I the year 1848. The park is remarkably a notable natural wonder that consists of lots of plant species. The experience is just incomparable.

The park was initially planned near the river Unengi but in 1849, Dr. Charles started planting several trees about four kilometers away from the river. Thus the park came in to existence. The botanic garden consists of many different wild species that include the hippo, crocodile, python and mamba.  Some of the mamba species still can be found in the park.

The most amazing attraction of this park is the orchid house and the palm trees. There are lots of plants that are rarely found anywhere.  Some of them are very old and rare to be found. Apart from the plants you can also enjoy the natural beauty.  The palm trees give an appealing appearance to the park. The tourist is greatly attracted because of the green environment and landscapes.

There are about fifty species of birds and the entire park is full of different and colorful birds.  You can see them chirping around and hovering around the trees. They are the permanent members of the park and can be seen anytime. There are more than 10000 objects or collections that are found here. The tea gardens offer the special fragrance that the visitors can get. One can spend a delightful time together as it is the best way to spend your time.

The place can be accessed by the car park in the Sydenham Boulevard. These gardens are moderately accessible from the centre of the town. The guided trips at the place are offered only to those visitors who have booked themselves in well in advance. So if you are also willing to take the pleasure from these guided tours then make sure that you have got an advance booking, this will avert you from any disappointment. There are many park rangers on the duty for your safety and assistance. You will also find the security guards and the car guards in the car parking area.

So the next times when you are on the search of a vacation spot that can provide you with a close interface to the wilderness and beauty of the floral world then do not forget to visit this botanical garden.