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Make A Fun Filled Visit To The Clifton Beach And Enjoy Its Natural Beauty

The coastal gem Clifton beach, lies on the northwest tip of South Africa. It is an ecstasy for the worldwide hipsters and the jet setters. This is truly a progression of four shorelines and each of them is alienated by the stretch of granite marbles. The Clifton Beach is one of the

Clifton Beach

well preserved and sprawling seashores that reflect the brilliant African sunshine over the white sands and multitude of the tanned bodies.

You will come across a discrete vibe at this spot. Each of the Clifton shorelines glitters at their place. But the fourth beach really dangles with the sexy scene sterns, if you want to change the environs of your surrounding area then go for a long stroll to the nearby cafe shop. These restaurants fail to notice the beach. Its lawns and gardens is a well acknowledged landing blemish for the paragliders. The stylishness of this area is responsible for attracting number of visitors every year. Make sure that you do not miss the enjoyment of the cable car ride. Your best bet for dripping wet rambling seascapes of the unforgettable panorama of the Cape’s Peninsula.

How Can You Reach At The Place
Getting to Clifton Beach is very easy as the nearest airport of Cape Town can get you here. Also if you want to hire a car you can do that as it is located only 12 kilometers from the heart of the city and can be reached in about an half an hour.  Lots of other tours are available that can help you in getting to this beach. The bus services are also available together with the rental cars. Therefore in short all the modes of transport are available to reach to the Clifton Beach.

Timing To Make A Trip At This Place
The peak season to tour this place is the month of November and continues till the month of March. It is the time when the crowds and the fare of your visit will be really expensive. I will advise you to make a trip at the period between October and April. This is the time when the weather conditions are good and minimal too. The mean temperatures of this place during this period are 52 F.

The visitors at the Clifton Beach can enjoy the comforts of the reasonably charged lodging. The place is full of the lodges that can meet with your demands as well as budgets. The glut of accommodations has offered the trippers with a ritzy and cozy stay.

I am sure that you will have a great time at this beach.