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Prado Museum – Come Close To The Bygone History Of Spain

The Prado Museum is the only museum cum art gallery which is situated in the Madrid city, the capital of Spain. It has some of the finest collections of the European artifacts in the world. The art pieces kept at this Spanish Museum belong to period of the 12th century to the early 19th century. It is based on the former Spanish Royal Collection. The museum

Prado Museum Spain

was basically erected as the preservation spot for the painting and sculptures but at present it has a number of drawings and prints.

The place is a store for more than five thousand drawings and two thousand prints. You may also come at the spot where there are around thousand of coins and medals. The museum has a number of decorative items and the artifacts. The sculptures at this Spanish museum demonstrate more than seven hundred works and that too by the smaller number of the sculpture fragments. The collections of the paintings are about 7,800, but only thirteen hundred are kept for the public display. The prime reason to this is the lack of the space at this Spanish museum.

A fresh and recently opened wing engorged the demonstration area of around four hundred artifacts.  The museum is presently utilized for the everlasting and impermanent expositions. The El Prado Museum is the most visited sites in the capital city of Spain. It is supposed as the grand museum on the Spanish land. This is a reason for which the government of the country has rendered additional financial support to the museum.

The museum is a store and a collection of about 1300 paintings that include the finest statues together with the attractive art form. The Prado is one of the best collections that this museum has and depicts the culture of Spain.  Apart from the Prado there are other statues and paintings that include some of the leading artist and their creativity.

Most of the art forms are from the works of a Dutch painter who is well renowned for his creative and elegant paintings.  There are many of the ancient times paintings that give an insight about the Spanish culture and tradition. The Italian paintings is also am amazing feature that is eye catching and attractive.

Thus visit the Prado museum for an entertaining as well as educational purposes. You will definitely feel pleasure and enjoy your trip to the full extent. Hope you have a joyful journey with your family and friends.