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Fajara Beach – A Fascinating Beach Side of Gambia

Holidays are one of the best ways through which we can explore some new destinations and enjoy our leisure moments with our family members. Most of the people love to enjoy their holidays on some perfect vacation spot so that they can make their holidays memorable throughout their life. There are various castles, palaces and amusement parks that are located in different parts of the world. You can easily spend some grand moments of your life with your friends and relatives on these holiday destinations and make your holidays memorable and special.

Fajara Beach

Well, if you are also planning to make your holidays unforgettable and if you wish to spend some luxurious moments with your family members, then you must follow this article once. This article is well enhanced with some of the most important and indispensable facts related to the grand Fajara Beach of Gambia. I am sure that this article will prove out to be a great help for you in selecting a perfect vacation site for yourself.

The grand and majestic Fajara Beach is one of the most popular beach sides of Gambia. It is a kind of a coastal suburb which is located in Bakau of Gambia. A large number of tourists from different parts of the world as well as the local residents of the nearby areas love to enjoy this grand beach side of Gambia during their seasonal holidays every year.

Most of the people love to enjoy the peaceful and refreshing ambiance of this naturally modified vacation spot. You can easily avail yourself with the exotic freshness and relaxing atmosphere that surrounds this seaside beach. There are various private cottages and hotels and restaurants that are located on the golden shores of this grand beach side of Gambia. Most of these small cottages are reserved for the foreign tourists.

From the last so many years, the impressive and majestic Fajara Beach has gained a lot of popularity and more than 20 hotel complexes are situated near to this grand seaside beach. This beach side of Gambia offers many attractive features to its tourists like fishing, swimming, surfing, windsurfing and many other adventurous water features. This grand and naturally modified beach side is one of the most popular weekend destinations for the tourists as well as the locals.

Well, these are some of the majestic and magnificent features of the striking Fajara Beach of Gambia. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic natural vacation spot during your next vacations. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here.