Keldby Church – An Architectural Edifice Symbolizing Devotion

Keldby Church – An Architectural Edifice Symbolizing Devotion

The Keldby Church is situated in Denmark. It lies on the road to the Keldby near the Mens Klint. It is one of the important places that are regarded as very sacred. It is the oldest building of Denmark and very popular among the visitors. Many intentional visitors search the Expedia website to find affordable flights to Denmark. The architecture is the main attraction which the tourist wants to see and admire. It is very well known for the frescoes.

Keldby Church

The church is built with the red stone brick and is fully decorated and adorned with the frescoes.  These were designed by the architect Elmelunde Master in the 15th century. The style in which they are designed is known as the Biblia Pamperun style. The frescoes that are found here are very old and date back to 1225. Apart from these the small stories are also available that includes the testaments.

The frescoes or more commonly known as the wall paintings of the church are the highlighting feature of the church. The entire plaster is covered with the different paintings that give an elegant look to the church. Thus the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings that are eye catching and adorable. The carved out sculptures are also very attractive.
All the paintings that are found here are from the middle age which includes the roman style, gothic style and the Danish style. Though there are number of churches in Denmark but this one is remarkably the best.  The frescoes have made it very popular because no other church exhibits such paintings thus making it exclusively known for it.

Every evening prayer is done together with songs sung by the small children just after the prayers. A choir is organized by the church which aims at educating the children and also makes them understand their responsibility. The choir is a group of people who sing devotional songs for Jesus Christ.  Thus lots of local residents come during the evenings to attend the prayers.

Reaching the Keldby church is not at all difficult because Keldby is well connected through the modern transport system. Therefore the visitors can get various modes that are available here.  The best thing is that no fee is charged from the visitors and they can visit it at any time. It is open all the day for everyone to offer prayers and services.

The Keldby Church is a must visiting attraction as it offers a lot to its visitors.  Therefore plan you trip and make a splendid visit to this beautiful church.

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