Maravanthe Beach – An Attractive Vacation Spot Full of Aquatic Flavors

Maravanthe Beach – An Attractive Vacation Spot Full of Aquatic Flavors

The best ways through which you can easily spend some grand moments of your life with your family members and relatives and friends are the seasonal holidays. Every one loves to enjoy their holidays with their family members on some perfect and exotic vacation spot so that they can easily make their seasonal holidays memorable throughout their life. Most of the people love to visit the various amusement parks, castles, prehistoric palaces, spectacular monuments, man made structures and various natural attractions like water falls and beach sides.

Maravanthe Beach

Well, if you are a nature lover and if you are searching out for a perfect natural vacation spot where you can easily spend your seasonal vacations, then you must go through this article of mine once. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the most relevant and important facts related to the grand Maravanthe Beach of India.

India is very much popular because of its exotic and outstanding natural attractions that are located in different states of India. People simply love to know more about the diversities and variations of India. The grand Maravanthe Beach is one of the most popular beach sides of India. It is located near Kundapura in the state of Karnataka. This grand beach side is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from the North of Udupi. the National Highway is located very close to this beach side. A major part of this beach side is covered by the Sauparnika River on one side and the shores of the Arabian Sea on the other side.

The grand Maravanthe Beach of Karnataka is easily accessible through roads and rails. A large number of foreign visitors as well as the local residents of the nearby areas love to visit this naturally modified beach every year. There are several observation decks through which you can easily gaze at the exotic and spectacular natural beauty and magnificence of this grand beach side.

This seaside beach is well enhanced with large white sandy shores which are covered with flora. There are various private cottages and hotels which are located on the shores of this beach side. Most of the cottages are reserved for the foreign visitors. This beach side also offers many attractions like swimming, surfing, fishing, beach cricket, beach volleyball and beach volleyball.

Well, these are some of the exotic features of this grand seaside beach of India. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here with your family members.

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