Pashupati Temple – To Feel A Holy And Devoted Surrounding

Pashupati Temple – To Feel A Holy And Devoted Surrounding

Kaathmandu is a spectacular city positioned elegant in the lap of nature and enjoying some of the most admirable tourist attractions of the world. It is the capital city of Nepal and is one of the most fascinating destinations across Asia. This worth watching city is an enchanting destination offering and exceeding the pleasure of every tourist coming to visit this place. The picturesque landscapes, snow covered mountains and lush green scenic backdrops make this place simply outstanding.

Pashupati Temple

This breathtaking site welcomes the innumerable visitors coming to visit this place all the year around. Some of the most alluring destinations of Kaathmandu include Pashupati. Pashupati is a combo of fun, devotion and natural grandeur. Some of the anecdotes famous for this place reveal that the Lord Shiva came to Pashupati in order to run away from his boredom and was then regarded as Pashupati, the lord of animals. The huge influxes of visitors flock to this sacred site every year.

Millions of the Hindu pilgrimages pour in to this holy temple. In order to feel the sensational vibes of devotion with in the most picturesque settings, Pashupati will be a treat for you. Other adjoining continents like Asia with the countries like Pakistan, Nepal and India come to visit this overwhelming place for ultimate joy. For paying their regards to lord Shiva, you can also come to this blessed site. It is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages across the world.

Here you can visit the Pagoda house with a gold plated roof, silver made gateways and excellent specimen of woodcarvings. Pashupati is nestled just 1.5km away from the Kaathmandu international airport. Inside the temple you can see the linga of lord Shiva, his statues and images, that all accompanied by the Bagmati river flowing beside this holy temple and adding more sanctity to this place. You can see the multicolored birds playing at the pavements of the temple.

Surrounded by the dense green forests inhabiting the monkeys and birds, this amazing site turn out to be a lot more than a devotional attraction only. The local saints called Sadhus also follow the same lifestyle as the lord Shiva has followed. It is located 6 km away from the heart of this stunning city. So if you really want to enjoy the lush green settings come to this divine place. It is built in a decent manner following the pagoda style. If you are planning to pay an auspicious visit to this place then go there during the months of February or March when the annual fest of Shivratri takes place.

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