Sasthamkotta Lake – Come Close to the Natural Beauty

Sasthamkotta Lake – Come Close to the Natural Beauty

Nature is really one of the most precious and beautiful thing present on Earth today. Every one loves to enjoy the scenic and dramatic beauty of nature and its components. Today, most of the people love to spend most of the time of their life in the midst of natural beauty and splendor. Holidays are approaching near and most of the people are searching out for a perfect natural vacation spot where they can easily enjoy their holidays with their family members and relatives and make their holidays memorable all through their life.

Sasthamkotta Lake

There are numerous natural vacation spots that are located in different parts of the world. Exotic lakes and spectacular water falls and beaches are some of the major attractions that are densely situated in most of the parts of the world. You can easily enjoy the refreshing and peaceful atmosphere of these natural destinations. Well, here in this article, I am going to tell you some of the important facts related to Sasthamkotta Lake of India. So, if you are also planning to enjoy your seasonal holidays in the lapse of nature and its exotic components, then you must follow this article once.

The grand Sasthamkotta Lake is one of the most visited natural beauty if India. This grand and exotic lake is also one of the largest fresh water lakes that are located in the state of Kerala of India. This grand and eye catching lake has also been categorized as the wetland. It is located on the Western Coast of Southern India. The grand Sasthamkotta Lake is named after the Sastha Lake which is placed on the banks of this fresh water lake. This grand lake of Southern India satisfies the needs of more than half million people of the nearby areas.

This lake is located at a distance of 29 kilometers from the Quilon City. a large number of foreign tourists as well as the local residents of the nearby areas of this grand lake visit this majestic lake every year. The fresh water of this grand lake is free from salts, metals and other minerals. Thus, it helps in satisfying the water needs of the nearby areas. Eastern Coast of this grand lake is fully enhanced with marvelous flora which provides a glorious look to this grand lake. You can also notice aqua fauna on this fresh water lake of Southern India.

Well, these are some of the indispensable facts about the Sasthamkotta Lake of India. I am sure that this article will really help you a lot in selecting a perfect natural vacation spot for yourself.

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