Tarkarli Beach – Feel the Attractiveness of Aquatic Beauty and Majesty

Tarkarli Beach – Feel the Attractiveness of Aquatic Beauty and Majesty

Every one loves to spend most of the time of their life with their family members and relatives and holidays are one of the best ways through which we can easily enjoy some grand moments of our life with them. Every one loves to enjoy their seasonal holidays with their family members and relatives on some exotic and outstanding vacation spot. Well, there are numerous exotic and out of the ordinary holiday destinations that are situated in different parts of the world.

Tarkarli Beach

Today, most of the people prefer to enjoy their holidays in the lapse of natural beauty and splendor so that they can make their seasonal vacations special and memorable. There are spectacular lakes and beach sides and eye catching water falls which are mainly visited by a large number of people. People love to enjoy the peaceful and refreshing ambiance that surrounds these natural vacation spots. Well, here ion this article, I am going to discuss about some of the most important and indispensable facts related to the grand Tarkarli Beach of India. I am sure that this article will help you a lot in selecting a perfect vacation spot for yourself.

The grand Tarkarli Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beach sides of India. This tourist destination is located in the coastal Maharashtra. This beach side is situated at a distance of 546 kilometers from Mumbai on the Western Coast. This seaside beach lies at the confluence of the grand Arabian Sea and the Karli River.

The naturally modified Tarkarli Beach has gained a lot of popularity from the last few years due to it’s out of the ordinary beauty and magnificence. This seaside beach is very much famous due to its long and narrow stretches of sandy shores. You can easily notice the sea bed at a depth of 20 feets on a clear and fairy day. There are numerous Shuru trees which are located on the shores of this seaside beach and they offer a panoramic background view to the beauty and majesty of this naturally modified beach side.

This grand beach side of Maharashtra is easily accessible through roads and rails. This beach side also offers many exotic and scenic views like setting of the sun. Swimming, beach volleyball and football are some of the major attractions of this grand beach side.

The grand Tarkarli Beach is really one of the major natural attractions of Maharashtra. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here with your family members and relatives.

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