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The Unusual Beauty And Exhilaration Of Bay Of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy located on the coast of the North America. It is believed that the Fundy is a french word which means to split. While some of them are of the belief that it is derived from the Portuguese word fondo which means funnel. The most highlighting feature of this bay is the high tides that make it the highest tidal range.

North America

The Bay of Fundy is composed of a diverse ecosystem together with the beautiful landscapes. Having the highest tides it is known to be the popular tourist attraction. The water of the bay is crystal clear and you will find many water species that include the whales, dolphins, fishes and seabirds and many more. The adventurous ride of the rock cliff is just full of excitement.

Apart from the various water species and the rock cliff, one can also enjoy the statues made up of sandstone. Even the plateaus are great absorbing feature that is must to be visited. The all around beauty and the majestic views are the eye catching effects that make the visitors mesmerize. There is lots of natural beauty to be exploded on this bay.

The Fundy bay has the highest tides that rise to about thousand meters in just one minute. Though the tides remain the same all around the year but there are times when one tides are low and it is the best time for fossil hunting. Even the fossil center has come across several fossils that are dating back to about 300 million years.

Another great feature of the Fundy bay is the marine life that is different as well as exotic. The whales are most abundant here together with other species of animals. Whale watching is also a popular activity that is very much enjoyed by the local people and the visitors. There are a variety of whale species found in this bay.

Also the shores of Fundy are full of ecstatic vies that are scintillating and gorgeous. One can enjoy walking around the entire bay and enjoy the beauty and the panoramic views too. This bay can be easily reached with the help of boat and trail. Thus the visitors will find no difficulty in reaching the bay.

Therefore visiting the Bay of Fundy is the perfect attraction that will make your holidays lively and an experience that you will cherish for times to come. So come let’s make our trip wonderful by making the visit to the Fundy bay.