Tithal Beach – A Picturesque Land for Pulsating Fun

Tithal Beach – A Picturesque Land for Pulsating Fun

We all love to enjoy the refreshing and relaxing ambiance that surrounds the nature. Well know that nature is really one of the most beautiful elements of Earth and we all love to enjoy the exotic and mesmerizing ambiance of natural beauty. There are various natural vacation sites that are located in different parts of the world like spectacular beach sides and lakes and eye catching water falls. Today, almost every one prefers to enjoy their holidays in the lapse of nature so that they can easily spend some grand time of their life with their family members and relatives.

Tithal Beach

You can easily enjoy the peaceful and refreshing atmosphere of these naturally modified holiday destinations and make your seasonal vacations memorable throughout your life. Well, further in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the most indispensable facts related to the grand Tithal Beach of India. I am sure that this article will help you a lot in selecting a perfect vacation spot for yourself.

The grand Tithal Beach is one of the major beach sides which are situated in the state of Gujarat of India. Thi8s gr4and and exotic beach side is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from town of Valsad in Gujarat. This naturally modified beach side is one of the major attractions of Gujarat. It is located just adjacent to the grand Arabian Sea.
The exotic and spectacular Tithal Beach houses many grand and famous temples like Shri Swami Narayan and Shri Sai Baba. This grand beach side is heavily exploded with a heavy tourism from the last many years. This exotic beach side has also undergone many renovation processes.

Well, this grand beach also offers many attractions to its visitors. Swimming, surfing, parasailing, fishing and diving are some of the major attractions of this grand natural beach. There is also a broad pathway which is mainly populated with pedestrians and bicyclists. Most of the people love to gaze at the natural beauty and splendor of this beach side by standing on the pathway.

This grand and spectacular beach side also houses many restaurants and hotels. There are also various shops which are situated in the nearby areas of this grand beach side. You can easily hire various seaside accessories like umbrellas and loungers from these shops. You can easily avail yourself with the refreshing calmness that surrounds this grand beach. A large number of local residents love to visit this beach side during the weekends also.

The grand Tithal Beach is really an amazing beach side of India. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic natural vacation spot during your visit to India.

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