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Ashkelon- A City With A Great Historical Past

Israel is an extremely beautiful country which has an extremely rich past. This ancient country gave birth to various new traditions and religions. Ashkelon is an extremely important city in Israel which is located in the coastal area in the southern portion. In the past this city was ruled by various kings that included the Romans, Babylonians, British, Muslims, Greeks and Philistines. In the later period this city was also completely destroyed.


You will see that this beautiful city is closely related with Samson and Delilah and it has a very big national park in which you can easily locate the ancient ruins of Herodian colonnades, Roman amphitheater and also the ancient synagogues. In this article, I would mainly like to tell you about some special features of this amazing seaside city.

1. Ruins of past civilizations
The main feature of Ashkelon is that it is built on the ruins of various past civilizations. The city also holds a great importance in the Bible because at this place only Delilah had cut Samson’s hair. The settlement of the city started in the late 3rd B.C when various immigrate stared to arrive here. In the earlier centuries this particular area was also ruled by various Roman as well as Greek rulers.

2. The National Park
This city is mainly famous for its National Park which houses various great monuments and structures. When you will enter the city you would come across the Canaanite earth ramparts and the Crusader city walls. Various excavation activities are going on all around the city which can reveal the city’s golden past. The National Park located here is extremely beautiful and it contains various statues and structures that were constructed when Roman ruled the city.

3. Yad Mordechai
In the southern part of the city you would find the Kibbutz Yad Mordecha. Here a gigantic statue of a leader is installed which overlooks the place at which the war with Egypt was held. Various war scenes are also depicted here with the help of statues and instruments.

4. Proving a marvelous experience

Visiting this city would really be a marvelous experience for you and your family members because here you can locate various excellent historical figures that would really excite you.

If you are planning a trip to Israel then you must surely visit all the important monuments and cities in order to enjoy a thrilling experience with your near and dear ones.