Aurland- An Enchanting Tourist Destination In Norway

Aurland- An Enchanting Tourist Destination In Norway

The kingdom of Norway also known as Norway is an extremely enchanting country which is located in the Northern portion of Europe. The country occupies a part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway shares its borders with Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. This is a very famous tourist


destination that is why numerous tourists come here all around the year. This country has various attractive destinations that can you must surely visit with your family and friends.

Aurland is an extremely wonderful place that you can visit with your family and friends during the summer or winter vacations. In this article, I would mainly like to provide you some essential information that you need about this mesmerizing destination.

1. World Heritage site
This is an extremely wonderful place that comes under the World Heritage site. When you will come to this place you would surely forget all your problems and stress. Aurland is just like heaven on earth with marvelous landscapes and abundant sunshine. Farming is one of the main occupations of the people residing in this area and it is mainly done on the lowlands.

2. Adventurous activities
Various great adventurous activities can be enjoyed at this place. It is the perfect destination for people who are interested in hiking, mountain climbing, trekking, fishing and camping activities. Various boat trips are also organized here all around the year. People who want to spend their summer vacations at this place must make all the arrangements in advance in order to avoid any last minute problems. Biking and cycling tours are also organized at the request of the tourists.

3. Great attractions
Some great attractions of this place are mentioned below.

The Aurlandsvegen is an extremely beautiful mountain road and people organize various mountain tours at this place. Even cycling tours can be organized here as and when you desire.

In Aurland you will find various small communities which have created their own small churches and one of them is the Bakka Church. This little church is extremely beautiful and you must visit it with your near and dear ones.

In order to experience the taste of the local culture you can visit Eldhuset which is a very popular location in Norway.

Some miles away from Aurland you will find the Galdane Croft Farm that is just perfect for organizing picnics nad small lunch parties.

I am sure visiting the mesmerizing destination of Aurland would certainly be a memorable experience for you.

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