Edinburgh Dungeon- Enjoy A Scary Experience

Edinburgh Dungeon- Enjoy A Scary Experience

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the United Kingdom. God has blessed this place with mesmerizing beauty and a golden history. Here you will find extremely beautiful majestic mountains, gigantic waterfalls, historical castles and lush green meadows. If you are visiting Scotland then


there are various places that you can see and one of the best amongst them is the Edinburgh Dungeon. At the Edinburgh Dungeon you can surely enjoy a fun filled experience with your family and friends. The graphics displayed are nerve wrecking and really scary.

Before you visit the dungeons it is highly essential to know about the facilities and great displays that are provided here. In this article, I am mainly going to discuss a few special features of the Edinburgh Dungeon with you.

1. Huge popularity
The Edinburgh Dungeon is very popular all around the world that is why various tourists come to this place all around the year. This place is one of the main tourist attractions of Scotland. Various horror plays are also enacted in this place which gives a real experience to you. Live actors are hired to performed different acts and to deliver dialogues that can really scar you. The Dungeon can really help you to gather a lot of information about the country’s past history. The numerous rides, exhibitions and displays are the best that you have ever experienced any where else.

2. Special attractions
The special attractions of this place include the numerous horror plays, various exhibitions, thrilling rides and other adventurous games. If you want then you can book your tickets before coming to this adventurous land. A horror route is created within the dungeon which takes you through the Royal Mile, the Haunted Labyrinth and numerous other tracks. The tunnels were created many centuries ago that is why they really have a horror feeling attached to them. Special guides and staff members are always at your service and they would surely provide you a guided tour of all the exciting places that you want to explore.

3. Displaying various folk legends
There were various folk legends in the history of Edinburg and one of the scariest amongst them is Sawney Bean who was a cannibal killer. Even the darkest side of Scotland’s social history is also displayed by the dungeon authority.

You must certainly visit the Edinburgh Dungeon in order to gather all the important information about Scotland’s history.

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  3. The horror shows at Edinburgh Dungeon are based on real historical events of the brutal Clan Wars, Edinburgh’s Great Fire and much more. Though it’s scary, it attracts a thousands of people.

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