Tapanti National Park – Feel The Real Camping Experience

Tapanti National Park – Feel The Real Camping Experience

We all know that nature is the best thing present on the Earth and every one likes to spend more and more time of his life with his family members and relatives in the lapse of natural beauty and splendor. There are a large number of people who simply love to make their vacations special and life

Tapanti National Park

time memorable with the help of the natural vacation spots. You can simply avail yourself with the mental as well as physical calmness and relaxation with the help of natural beauty and majesty. A natural vacation spot is the only place where you can easily enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and refreshing ambiance.

There are numerous natural areas where you can spend your holidays and make your seasonal vacations special. Spectacular water falls, valleys, majestic lakes, eye catching beach sides and hills are some of the most common and the most visited natural vacation spot where you can easily taste the real flavor of outstanding natural beauty. Today, national parks are also considered to be the natural vacation spots where you can simply explore the unrevealed facts related to nature and its components. Here, in this article, I will make you familiar with the grand Tapanti National Park of Costa Rica.

The grand Tapanti National Park is also known as the Orosi National Park. This Grand National Park is located in the Pacific Conservation Area of Costa Rica. The famous Tapanti National Park was established in the year 1982 and today, it is governed by the National System of Conservation Areas. This park is sited at the edge of the Talamanca range and it protects the forests which are located at the Northern part of the Chirripo National Park. This park is also well enhanced with a part of the Orosi River.

You can easily notice various unexplored species on the landscapes of this national park. Three new species related to the Lepanthes orchids were discovered in this national park in the year 2009. These species were discovered by the University of Costa Rica. This national park simply provides its visitors with various thrills and adventures. Visitors of this park can simply enjoy camping on the plains of this park. You can also exhilarate yourself with hunting and fishing if you are well enhanced with a proper license.

So, these are some of the exotic features of the Tapanti National Park. You can easily have a lot of fun on this national park.

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