The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park- Beauty At Its Best

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park- Beauty At Its Best

In the southwest Wales you will find the county of Pembrokeshire which is an extremely enchanting place. This county is especially known all around the world for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park which is the only coastal

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

national park in Britain. The park contains 200 miles of peaceful and serene coastline. Inside the park you will also find a bird sanctuary where many unique birds are preserved. Near the park you will also find beautiful Castles, various attractive sites and high cliffs.

This article would surely provide you all the essential information that you need about The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

1. Mesmerizing location
This mesmerizing park is known all around Britain for its breathtaking locations and unique animals and birds. During the summer seasons the park authorities organizes various special recreational activities and sports which are suitable for adults as well as children. Some of the fun filled activities include bat walks, animal safaris, crab catching and different contests. If you are looking for a peaceful destination where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends, then this place is just perfect for you.

2. Preserving the coastal area
Besides, preserving the natural habitat of various animals and birds, the park authorities also conserve the coastal area. The areas which are under protection are St Davids, Barafundle beach, Porthgain & Dinas and Marloes. The trust that runs the park is also responsible for operating areas like the Tudor Merchants house and the Colby Woodland Garden. Before coming to visit the park you can gather all the information about it in order to enjoy a pleasant experience.

3. Special features of the park
The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is very different from any other national park. Some special features of this park are mentioned below.

There are almost fourteen national parks in Britain and amongst them the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the only national park which is wholly located in the coastal area.

The park covers almost one-third of Pembrokeshire and it also includes the nearby areas of Preseli Mountains and the Daugleddau Estuary. Some famous places that are included in the park are St Davids, Manorbier, Newport, Manorbier, Ramsey Islands, Skokholm and Skomer.

The secret waterway which is known as the Daugleddau Estuary is also found in this park.

For rejuvenating your mind, body and soul, this place is just perfect for you.

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