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Palm Jumeirah – A Mesmerizing Man-Made Attraction

We all love to visit ecstatic destinations during our vacations. Spending some quality time along with the family members is always a great fun. One loves to visit some hot

Palm Jumeirah

attractions along with their family members. There are a large number of attractive destinations worldwide which people love to visit. Further in this article we are going to talk about one such attraction, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

So, if you are planning a visit to this place then you must read this article carefully.

Before delving further in to the topic, let us first take brief look into the history of Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah, located in Dubai is a huge island made by man. It was constructed by Nakheel, a firm under the Dubai Government. The most amazing feature of this place is that this island is made in shape of a palm tree. This ecstatic island is 5 kilometers long. It covers a total area equal to 800 football grounds. It is certainly a mesmerizing place to visit.

A large number of celebrities from all over the world have purchased expensive bungalows in this island. So, it would be a great experience for you. I must tell you that this place would surely appeal to your kids and family members. It offers you just about everything. You can enjoy nightlife here and your kids can enjoy playing all day long on the wonderful beaches. Reaching this place is not at all difficult. You just need to get the best possible travel deal.

Make sure you visit this place in winter season. This is because this place can really get hot in the summers. The construction of this island began in the year 2001. A large number of hotels are present here. You can accommodate in any one of these. However, you will certainly have to spend a lot of money. This island can really cost you a lot. You must only visit this place if your budget allows.

I must tell you that it is relatively a new vacation destination. But a large number of visitors are visiting this place nowadays. Palm Jumeirah is certainly a popular attraction amongst the tourists from all over the world. You got to visit this place along with your family members. Make sure you read this article once. It could definitely provide you some essential information regarding Palm Jumeirah. Have fun and enjoy yourself!