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Visit Golden Mile And Enjoy The Panorama Of Durban

The Golden Mile is the well known beach front in the city of Durban which takes account of the boulevard that stretches along it. It approximately runs from the South Beach to the Sun coast Casino and the Entertainment world. It


adjoins the focal trade district of the town to its west. It is one of the prime attractions in the Durban area. The spacious stretch of these golden sands are synthetically alienated by several piers that provide the excellent chance to the sun worshippers and the swimmers to take the pleasure from the sub tropical sunshine and the lukewarm waters of the Indian Ocean.

The main beaches of Mile’s are preserved all the year round with the help of the lifeguards and the shark nets. The place seems as the ecstasy for the surfers. The south shoreline is quite safe for the new beginners. You may come athwart to the people of different background cultures. Enjoy the strolling on the walk side tracks. Notice the kids who feed the pigeons and enjoy in the wild array of the animals.

If you are in the doldrums of surveying the enclosing area and exploring the facts of the wilderness of this place then take the help of the well known guides that can make you aware about the richness of the environs of this place. The Golden Mile offers you with a variety of the locations that are ideal for the sun worshippers and the family units for spending a quality time in the sea. You will have a great time in the bay in surfing, fishing, and kite surfing and beach volley ball. These games will refresh you and stimulate your entire body system.

The restaurants at this site will provide you with a delicious traditional food. So you will never remain thirsty or hungry. The Golden Mile is possibly the most visited site in the country and the publicized area.  This is the reason for which the government has provided the place with the assortment of the hotels, lodges that have a kind and generous staff which is ready to serve you at any time. This is a great place for the people who want to come at this spot with their family and friends to have some relaxing moments. The amusement parks at this place are closed but this does not lead to any drawback or affects the number of the visitors that approach at this spot.

It is a great vacation spot and an exotic beach to visit. So experience the thrill and exclusiveness of this place with your family or friends.

Make A Unique Vacation At Kragga Kamma Game Park

The Kragga Kamma Game Park has luxuriant and flourishing coastal forest and grassland is an abode to a vast herd of African flora and fauna. The natural world comprises up of White Rhino, Buffalo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Neale, Lech we, Bontebok and many more species. All the wild animals at this game park stroll liberally in the unhampered and

Kragga Kamma Park

unobstructed environs of the game park. You are not permitted to hunt, poach or exploit any wild animal present in the park.

This is a proprietor maneuvered animal friendly park that allows no hunting, disorder or commotion of the bionetwork of this game park. This means that you will be availed with the facility of taking the snaps, close ups or grand views of the animals and environs provided that you are not harming or spoiling it. The visitors who want to come close and encounter the views of the natural world can go with the alternative of two hour guided sightsee for the open land itinerant with the aid of the proficient and skilled guide who can provide you with the appealing and fascinating information about the animals and the historical past of this park.

You are provided with the best lodging services for your family and small group of people who make the visit over here. Some of them are enlisted below.

1. Thatched Lodges
They are the double bedded roomed hotels which are ideal for the housing of the family units. It has a lounge, kitchen, covertly barbeque, a completely equipped elbow room for the self catering and sleeper couches for the kids.

2. Caravan Sites
You have only limited assortment of the cavalcade and the sites for camping purposes.

You are offered with a huge amount of alternatives for the game drives.

1. Self Drive
In any type of weather condition you can take the pleasure from viewing the game from placate at your own car. The wildlife at the park is utilized as the motor to the vehicles. You may take the beautiful snaps of the park so that you can make your experience memorable.

2. Guided Game Drive
You can make the choice of the two hour game drive in the open motor vehicle along with the proficient guide. This will bring you close to the detailed and encountered information about the animals and the historical backgrounds.

I am sure that you are going to enjoy your interaction from the wildlife of this game park.

Make A Happening Trip To The Suncoast Casino

The Suncoast Casino in Durban is a best place to make a stopover to get the fun of the entertainment world. It is designed in the Art Deco Style that provides you with an assortment of gaming, entertainment chase and shopping. It is positioned along the famous Golden Mile Beachfront. Party Casino

It is the largest Casino in Durban which is visited by a number of people every year. It is the biggest and highly visited spots among the tourists of Durban.

Sun Coast Casino

The Suncoast Casino is built after the inspiration of other edifices which are built on the Art Deco Style. It enlightens the firmament and the atmosphere with its 6 km neon lights. This is for all intents and purposes the living and breathing work of the art. This is the biggest discotheque that has pulled a number of celebs. Some of them are Enrique Iglesias, Anna Kournikova, Ainsley Harriot, Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan to endeavor their hands at the huge triumph. This night club offers you more than betting and gambling. The private beach of the Suncoast nightclub is one of the best and highly maintained in South Africa.

A grassed mound present at this discotheque is enclosed by the layers of home-grown vegetable dunes. It appears as a wide flat shoreline over the Indian Ocean. The water of this beach is quite lukewarm to go swimming in the year all around. It is the horde to a number of well – recognized steakhouse, the Havana Grill. This private club is utilized by several recreational cyclists as a stand for the training rides up the North Coast.

Several restaurants and lodges which are located in the focal part of this casino of South Africa will provide you with the best possible service that they can offer you. The casino has both the smoking and the non smoking sections. The private beach which is possessed by this casino is remunerated for the access. The beachfront is the area where this composite exists and is one of the famous sites of Durban. It faces the Indian Ocean and has calm and a peaceful atmosphere that provides you with some soothing moments. You can take the pleasure of the indoor activities of the casino. The experience of sun bathing and swimming under the scorching sun will be one of the everlasting moments of your lifetime that will be mesmerized by you!

The Suncoast casino offers you with a scintillating and glitzy nightlife. So do not forget to trip this discotheque if you are ever at Durban again.

Make A Fun Filled Visit To The Clifton Beach And Enjoy Its Natural Beauty

The coastal gem Clifton beach, lies on the northwest tip of South Africa. It is an ecstasy for the worldwide hipsters and the jet setters. This is truly a progression of four shorelines and each of them is alienated by the stretch of granite marbles. The Clifton Beach is one of the

Clifton Beach

well preserved and sprawling seashores that reflect the brilliant African sunshine over the white sands and multitude of the tanned bodies.

You will come across a discrete vibe at this spot. Each of the Clifton shorelines glitters at their place. But the fourth beach really dangles with the sexy scene sterns, if you want to change the environs of your surrounding area then go for a long stroll to the nearby cafe shop. These restaurants fail to notice the beach. Its lawns and gardens is a well acknowledged landing blemish for the paragliders. The stylishness of this area is responsible for attracting number of visitors every year. Make sure that you do not miss the enjoyment of the cable car ride. Your best bet for dripping wet rambling seascapes of the unforgettable panorama of the Cape’s Peninsula.

How Can You Reach At The Place
Getting to Clifton Beach is very easy as the nearest airport of Cape Town can get you here. Also if you want to hire a car you can do that as it is located only 12 kilometers from the heart of the city and can be reached in about an half an hour.  Lots of other tours are available that can help you in getting to this beach. The bus services are also available together with the rental cars. Therefore in short all the modes of transport are available to reach to the Clifton Beach.

Timing To Make A Trip At This Place
The peak season to tour this place is the month of November and continues till the month of March. It is the time when the crowds and the fare of your visit will be really expensive. I will advise you to make a trip at the period between October and April. This is the time when the weather conditions are good and minimal too. The mean temperatures of this place during this period are 52 F.

The visitors at the Clifton Beach can enjoy the comforts of the reasonably charged lodging. The place is full of the lodges that can meet with your demands as well as budgets. The glut of accommodations has offered the trippers with a ritzy and cozy stay.

I am sure that you will have a great time at this beach.

Durban Botanic Gardens – Sense The Fragrance And Diversity Of The Nature

The Durban Botanic Gardens are present on the undulations of the Durban ridge and is one of the oldest buildings which are surviving till date.  There are several botanic

Durban Botanic Gardens

gardens in different parts of the world and this chain began I the year 1848. The park is remarkably a notable natural wonder that consists of lots of plant species. The experience is just incomparable.

The park was initially planned near the river Unengi but in 1849, Dr. Charles started planting several trees about four kilometers away from the river. Thus the park came in to existence. The botanic garden consists of many different wild species that include the hippo, crocodile, python and mamba.  Some of the mamba species still can be found in the park.

The most amazing attraction of this park is the orchid house and the palm trees. There are lots of plants that are rarely found anywhere.  Some of them are very old and rare to be found. Apart from the plants you can also enjoy the natural beauty.  The palm trees give an appealing appearance to the park. The tourist is greatly attracted because of the green environment and landscapes.

There are about fifty species of birds and the entire park is full of different and colorful birds.  You can see them chirping around and hovering around the trees. They are the permanent members of the park and can be seen anytime. There are more than 10000 objects or collections that are found here. The tea gardens offer the special fragrance that the visitors can get. One can spend a delightful time together as it is the best way to spend your time.

The place can be accessed by the car park in the Sydenham Boulevard. These gardens are moderately accessible from the centre of the town. The guided trips at the place are offered only to those visitors who have booked themselves in well in advance. So if you are also willing to take the pleasure from these guided tours then make sure that you have got an advance booking, this will avert you from any disappointment. There are many park rangers on the duty for your safety and assistance. You will also find the security guards and the car guards in the car parking area.

So the next times when you are on the search of a vacation spot that can provide you with a close interface to the wilderness and beauty of the floral world then do not forget to visit this botanical garden.

A Fascinating Visit To Kruger National Park

The Kruger Park is situated in the heart of the country South Africa.  It is best known for its quiet and calm atmosphere that is the striking feature.  It is such a vast park that all the tourist and the visitors come to visit the park are enthralled with its beauty and the

Kruger National Park

endless space which makes it the most stunning and the gorgeous of all the parks in South Africa.

Being stretched in a vast area of about two millions hectares it has spell bounding environment that is eye catching. You can experience the incredible wild life that is a thrilling and joyful visit.  Initially it was a separate park but now it is included in the Limpopo Transfrontier Park. The Transfrontier Park links the Mozambique Park and the Kruger National Park.

This is the land of baobabs, knob thorns, fever trees, marula and the morpane trees under which you will find the skulking insects of all sizes. The birding animals like the ground hornbill, kori bustard, lappet – faced vulture, martial eagle, fishing owl of pel, and the saddle bill storks. You will discover the variety of mammals at this place. The park is much diverse than any other game park on the land of Africa.

It is a self drive destination in spite of the fact that the park is availed with the guided tour operators. It has a brilliant and outstanding road and rail network. The infrastructure of the park includes the sites for picnic, rest houses that will make you feel relaxed, waterholes as well as number of water hides. The Kruger National Park is an outstanding reserve that offers you with the implausible knowledge about the wildlife of Africa. The stay at the Kruger National Park for an overnight or more to enjoy the long safaris at the place will give you immense pleasure.

If you are staying in a lodge or at the rest camp in the Kruger National Park, then you must make sure that you enjoy the delight of the activities of this national park. These recreational activities and lure of this park take the account of the Elephant Back Safaris, warm air balloon trips, the captive breeding of cheetah and the related projects. You have the option of taking the enjoyment of the Horse Back Rides and the spa treatments. Golf is the only recreational sport with which you are availed.

So make a safari at this national park and be sure of having some great moments of the trip.

Francis Farewell Square – A Guide To The History Of Durban

Francis Farewell Square is a monument located in Durban and is surrounded by several various types of other historical buildings. Being the busiest city it is well known for the historical background and the past that it holds. The monuments depict the ancient past

Francis Farewell Square

and the culture that is significant till date. It is a famous tourist attraction as thousands of people come to visit this attraction every year.

A long time back there was no such place called as the Francis Farewell Square because in its place there was a settlement which was founded in 19th century. The spot was renowned for hunters who established their homes here. This was the scene of the year 1824 but later on it was transformed in to the monument that you still see. The square was named after Henry Francis Flynn who was a permanent resident of Durban.

To the adjacent sides of the Francis Farewell Square you have the Durban City Hall and on the other side there is an Old Court House. The design of the City hall was prepared by Stanley Hudson in the year 1910. This greatly resembles the city hall of Ireland. This was started in 1885 but officially it was opened in 1824.  At the center there is a statue of Winston Churchill’s together with the museum that exhibits the paintings and the artifacts of Durban.

The attractive feature of this museum is the events and the performances that are organized only on Wednesdays. Therefore if the tourist want to enjoy their day then it is better to visit the museum on Wednesday. These include the dance shows, performances in music etc. Apart from the entertainment it is a finest educational center for kids where they can experience the historical past of Durban.

It is such a majestic building those visitors can’t afford to miss it. There are huge paintings that are based on the carvings done on wood and rock. The other attraction consists of paintings that depict the soldier carried by two beautiful angels. The gorgeous and the elegant painting is the finest masterpiece. The other monuments are built to dedicate the love towards Queen Victoria.

The Francis Farewell Square is considered as one of the cultural heritage sites that is a perfect combination of art and entertainment. One can enjoy the history while exploring lots of amazing facts.

Therefore if you plan to go to Durban you must visit the Francis Farewell Square. Hope your journey is pleasant and enjoyable.

Camps Bay – A Synonym of Real Natural Beauty and Grandeur

There are a large number of tourists who simply love to enjoy their holidays in the lapse of nature. There are numerous natural tourist attractions which are located in different parts of the world. These attractions may be beaches, mountains, waterfalls or naturally

Camps Bay

shaped structures. Well if you are also looking out for a perfect natural vacation spot where you can easily avail yourself with mental peace and relaxation, then you must read this article once. This article contains some essential facts related to the grand Camps Bay of South Africa. I am sure that this article will prove out to be very helpful to you.

The grand Camps Bay is located in the Cape Town of South Africa. It is a prosperous suburb and community of Cape Town. The grand Camps Bay is a beach and it attracts a large number of tourists from all across the world during the summer season. Tourists from different parts of the world as well as the local residents of South Africa mostly opt for these exotic and majestic beaches so that they can easily enjoy their holidays with their family members in the lapse of nature.

The grand Camps Bay is very much famous and well, renowned for its white colored sandy beaches which are well enhanced with trendy nightlife and beautiful palm trees.

Gringqhaique and San were the first residents of the Camps Bay. The grazing lands which were sited in the South East hemisphere of the Table Mountain were lost by the Gringqhaique and later on, they were restricted on this beach. The population of Gringqhaique was reduced on a large scale by measles and smallpox in the year 1713. In the year 1884, Thomas Bain was ordered to construct a road from the sea point to the Camps Bay with the help of trained labors. This road was completed in the year 1887 and it was named as the Victoria Road.

The Victoria Road allowed most of the people to cycle out to the Camps Bay. The construction of the Camps Bay further lead to the construction of the tidal pools, a pavilion for concerts and shows and a Rotunda which is a famous Bay Hotel. There are various restaurants which are sited near the Camps Bay.

These royal restaurants are the major attractions for the tourists of this exotic beach. Many beach front cafes, loungers and umbrellas are easily available in the Camps Bay and you can easily hire them at a reasonable price.

The grand Camps Bay is really an exotic and outstanding natural attraction for the tourists. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic natural tourist attraction during your next vacations.

Victoria Falls – Witness the Matchless Aquatic Beauty

In the world of great waterfalls the grand Victoria Falls of South Africa has truly stolen away the lime light from the last many years. It has been one of the major tourist

Victoria Falls

attractions of South Africa. People just love to view the exotic and spectacular natural beauty of these great falls. Most of the tourists from all across the world enjoy their vacations with their family members in the lapse of these huge water curtains. The great Victoria Falls of South Africa are one of the Seven Wonders of the World today.

These great waterfalls are located on the Zambezi River which lies in the Southern Africa. The grand Zambezi River lies between the two countries of South Africa and they are Zambia and Zimbabwe. These great waterfalls are also known as “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” by the local residents of South Africa which literally means the Smoke of the Thunders. The chilled water of the great Victoria Falls from a height of 1200 meters which make this water fall one of the highest waterfalls of the world. The water dances like a Ballet Dancer and falls from the top with a pretty good speed.

The water falls also includes the weathered rock pieces which crumble down into the Zambezi Gorge below. The falling water of these extremely gigantic curtains creates a cloudy atmosphere and a foggy appearance at a height of 450 meters above the sea level. This foggy view can be clearly observed by the tourists at a distance of 40 kms away from these falls and it mainly attracts the tourists towards itself.

The tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing splendor and beauty of these falls throughout the year. The temperature is mostly humid and moderate which is best suited to attract a large no of tourists towards its attractiveness. The cascading chilled water of these waterfalls depends on the amount of rain fall which took place throughout the year and it also depends on the catchment area of the River Zambezi. As the catchment area of Zambezi River expands, the amount of water in the river also increases.

These exotic waterfalls offer many attractions to the tourists like water surfing, river rafting and river boarding. The Victoria Falls along with the nearby landscapes have been declared as the world heritage site. It is really a captivating destination where you can seriously enjoy a couple of days and make your vacations memorable.

Adventurous Trip To Two Oceans Aquarium In Cape Town

Holiday attractions are always a great fun. We love to visit exclusive holiday destinations along with our family members. A large number of hot tourist attractions are there

Two Oceans Aquarium

worldwide. You can visit any one of these to enhance your holiday fun. Further in this article we are going to talk particularly about Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a great place to visit for all the distant travelers. So, if you are looking to plan a trip to South Africa then make sure you read this article properly.

Before delving further in to the topic, let us first talk about this Aquarium in detail. The Two Oceans Aquarium is situated at the famous Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in South Africa. This Aquarium was inaugurated in the year 1995. This Aquarium is known as Two Oceans Aquarium just because two large oceans combine at this point. The two oceans are Indian and Atlantic Ocean. This is certainly a heaven like place for the aquatic life lovers.

I must tell you that this place is without suspicion the most thrilling destination of Cape Town. There is a magnificent playing area for your beloved kids in the underground room positioned right up alongside the seal exhibit. I would like to suggest you that if you really want to make your stay a wonderful one then you got to read the visitor’s note available here. You can get all the essential information regarding this place in the visitor’s note. You need at least 2 hours to enjoy this place completely.

Several services and facilities are offered here. Some of the best facilities offered are:

1. Infant care
Yes, baby care is available here. You can easily get your kid’s nappy changed here. You can get an easy access to baby carriers. These are absolutely free.

2. Parking facilities
The parking facilities of this place are simply amazing. You get a large amount of parking space. Hourly parking fee is charged outside the aquarium.

3. Aquarium shop
We all know that our kids love to play with Marine merchandises. So, you can buy all types of marine toys for your kids.

4. First aid
It is pretty important to note that first aid facilities are also available here. So, if you get hurt then you need not worry much.

So, these are some of the important things to understand regarding the Two Oceans Aquarium. Don’t forget to read this article once.