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Westerland Beach – Taste the Various flavors of Aquatic Beauty and Splendor

Vacations are approaching near and most of the people have started planning for their holidays. Every one loves to enjoy their seasonal vacations with their family members on some perfect vacation site so that they can easily make their holidays memorable throughout their life. There are numerous vacation spots that are located in different parts of the world like ancient castles, palaces, grand and exotic monuments, spectacular man made structures and many natural vacation spots like water falls and beach sides and lakes.

Westerland Beach

Germany is one of the most popular holiday destinations which are crowded with numerous exotic and out of the ordinary vacation spots. There are numerous ancient castles, prehistoric palaces, eye catching man made structures like bridges and towers and various natural beauties. Today, most of the people prefer to enjoy their holidays in the lapse of natural majesty and splendor so that they can easily spend some grand moments of their life with their family members and friends. Well, here in this article, I am going to discuss about the famous Westerland Beach of Germany.

The grand Westerland Beach is one of the most popular and the most visited beach sides of Germany which is located on the North Sea Island of Sylt. This grand beach side is located at a distance of 74 kilometers in the Western part of Flensburg. To the North West of this grand beach is the Hamburg City. This grand beach side of Germany is easily accessible.

You can easily avail yourself with the pleasure of refreshing and soothing atmosphere that surrounds this grand beach of Germany. Most of the people love to enjoy the dramatic scenic beauty of this seaside beach. The natural and glorious scene of setting of the sun is very much famous here. Most of the tourists as well as the local residents love to visit this grand beach side during the evenings when the temperature is moderate and it is enhanced with the blow of refreshing air.

This grand beach side offers many attractions like swimming, surfing, walking, beach volleyball and beach football, fishing, golf and many other attractive water sports. This grand beach is also enhanced with various observation decks through which you can easily gaze at the mesmerizing natural majesty and splendor of this vacation spot.

Well, these are some of the outstanding and sizzling features of this grand beach side of Germany. Make sure that you read this article once. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here.

Europaturm – A Majestic Landmark of Germany

We all are aware of the fact that Germany is one of the major tourist attractions of the world. People from all across the world love to enjoy their holidays with their family


members in the midst of exotic and marvelous attractions of Germany. Primordial castles and palaces, exotic amusement parks and various man made structures are densely placed in different sites of Germany. Well if you are also planning to visit one of the best attractions of Germany this vacation with your family members and if you want to make your holidays memorable throughout your life, then you must read this article once.
Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the necessary facts related to the grand Europaturm of Germany.

The grand Europaturm is located in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. It is the highest telecommunication tower of Germany and the height of this splendid structure is 337.5 meters or 1107.3 feets. The literal meaning of Europaturm is the Tower of Europe. Today, this grand tower is really one of the major attractions for the tourists of Europe and Germany.

This grand monument was designed by the architect Erwin Heinle. The construction of this tower began in the year 1974. It took more than 5 years for the construction of this exotic monument and this tower became the tallest building of the Federal Republic of Germany. There is also a large antenna at the top of this tower. This grand antenna at the top is mainly used for telecommunication purposes. The height of the tower without the height of the antenna is about 295 meters which makes it the second largest tower of Germany.

The grand base of this tower is about 59 meters thick which is the widest as compared to any other structure of the world. The top section of the tower provides a spectacular and amazing view of the Rhine Main Area. In the earlier times, the Europaturm was well enhanced with the restaurant and a discotheque at its upper section but in the year 1999, this grand and stunning monument was closed for the public.

The antenna which is placed at the top of the tower was replaced in the year 2004 and a new six ton antenna was placed at the top of the tower with the help of helicopters. Then height of this spectacular monument is nearly equal to that of the Eiffel Tower.

The grand Europaturm is really an amazing monument of Germany. Make sure that you visit this majestic landmark during your vacations with your family.

Europa Park – A Synonym of Joy and Adventure

Amusement parks are one of the best venues for everyone to have some fun and entertainment during their vacations. There are a number of amusement parks which

Europa Park

are located in different parts of the world and they are the best places which are entailed with fun and adventure. So if you are also searching for one of the best theme parks from all across the world where you can spend some grand moments with your family members, then this article will prove out to be a great help to you. This article is based on the famous Europa Park of Germany.

Europa Park is considered to be one of the best amusement parks of the world. This popular theme park is located in Germany. The most popular Europa Park is one of the most visited theme parks of the world. Around 4 million visitors from all across the world visit this theme park every year. It is positioned in the second place as one of the most adventurous parks of the world after the famous Disneyland of Paris. The park is subdivided into fifteen different areas and these areas are named after the various European countries.

This amusement park was opened for the common people in the year 1975. This theme park is comprised with ten roller coasters and some other enthralling rides. This amusement park also contains various adventurous water rides which are the major attraction for the visitors. The park has recently included many exhilarating rides in the year 2010. Some of the most hilarious and thrilling rides of the Europa Park are mentioned below.

1. Snowflake Ride
This is really one of the most interesting rides of the Europa Park. It is a dark ride through the Siberian islands. It has been renamed as The Bench because of its bench shaped cars.

2. Blue Fire
It is the most challenging rides of this theme park. It includes various twists and loops along its way. This ride proved out to be the major attractions for the tourists in the year 2009. This ride has a top speed of 100 km per hour.

3. Silver Star
The famous Silver Star is one of the highest roller coasters of Europe and it is the third fastest roller coasters of the world. This ride was manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard. This ride is totally made up of steel.

Beside these thrilling rides, the park offers various water rides to its visitors. These attractions and adventures will surely provoke you to visit this theme park of Germany.

Berlin Zoo – Visit Along With Your Family for a Unique Holiday Experience

If you are planning to visit to some exotic place where you can spend some great moments with your family, then this article will help you a lot. This article contains some necessary and essential information about the famous Berlin Zoo which is located in the Berlin City

Berlin Zoo

of Germany. Here, you can spend some great moments with your family members and relatives. The famous Berlin Zoo is one of the oldest and the renowned zoo of Germany. Tourists from all over the world visit this zoo during their holidays.

The famous Berlin Zoo encloses a large area of about 35 hectares. It was opened in the year 1839 and in the present, it is one of the most visited zoos of the world. Recently UNESCO has declared the grand Berlin Zoo as the natural heritage site of the world. The Berlin Zoo is the most well preserved landmarks of the Berlin City. It attracts about 1.5 million tourists as well as the local residents every year. The zoo is comprised up with many exotic and out of the ordinary features which are the major attraction for the tourists.

The grand Berlin Zoo is enhanced with 1500 various species and about more than 15000 animals which make this zoo as one of the largest collection of animal species on Earth. The zoo is entailed with a grand entry which clearly highlights the Roman architecture of the earlier times.

The Berlin Zoo is comprised with a vast range of endangered species like the Polar Bear, the Red Panda, the Giant Panda and the Bao Bao. Several breeding programs are being carried out in this zoo. The famous Berlin Zoo is the major center for the procession of Captive Breeding Practices which results out in the protection of endangered animals.

The Berlin Zoo also offers several admirable rides like trams and shot train for its tourists so that they can enjoy the exotic beauty of the zoo and gaze at the unique species. The Berlin Zoo also includes a large aquarium which is entailed with a vast range of aquatic species. You can buy the tickets for this aquarium and enjoy its mesmerizing beauty. The aquarium is equipped with more than 250 fish tanks and about 9000 aquatic species. These out of the ordinary features make it one of the largest aquariums of the world. The best time to visit the Berlin Zoo is the autumn season when the days are mild enough and the temperature is moderate. The zoo offers free entry as well as free parking to its visitors.

So, these are some of the extra ordinary features of this park which you can enjoy during your visit to this park.

Pergamon Museum – A Store of Unrevealed Facts

If you are a true lover of historic places and you love to explore something new and mysterious, then you must carefully have a look at this article. Everyone loves to explore something new and adventurous but there are a very few places in this world where you

Pergamon Museum

can easily obtain what you really want. If you are a history lover and you love to gain some knowledge about the culture of the ancient times, then the famous Pergamon Museum which is located in the grand Berlin City of Germany would be a better option for you. This article contains some necessary information about this museum which will prove out to be a great help to you if you are planning to visit this museum.

The famous Pergamon Museum is located in the museum island of Berlin. This museum was designed by the famous English invader Alfred Messel. He was the only who proposed the design of this museum and invested a huge amount of money in the construction of this landmark. It took about a period of 20 years for the construction of this museum. The foundation of this exotic museum was laid in the 20th century and it was completed in the year 1930.

Today this museum is one of the most visited museums of the world. It contains more than a thousand of historic materials and primordial facts. It attracts about more than 2.5 million tourists from all across the world every year. This great museum is divided into three sub parts. They are: the antiquity collection, the Middle East museum and the museum of Islamic arts. Recently, UNESCO has declared this museum as the world’s historic site. This museum is one of the well preserved monuments of Germany.

The first sub part of this museum that is the antiquity museum is the major attraction for the tourists of this museum. This collection contains the remains of the earlier Roman era and it is also comprised up with the unrevealed facts of that time. This collection is further divided into the Altes Museum and the Pergamon Museum. You can easily enter this outstanding section of this museum by buying a ticket which is available at a very reasonable rate.

The Islamic Art Museum contains the art work from the 8th to the 18th century. This museum was included in this landmark in 1934. The museum is opened for its visitors throughout the year.

These are some of the extra ordinary features of this land mark of Germany which can provide you a lot of knowledge about the ancient times. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here.

The Frisian Islands – A Perfect Holiday Attraction for You

You all must have visited some of the interesting holiday destinations during your vacations. On my last vacations, I made an exotic visit to the famous Frisian Island of Germany with my family members and I really enjoyed a lot. The whole island is

Frisian Island

completely comprised up with natural beauty and splendor. The majestic natural views are the major attractions for the visitors of these islands. Well if you are also planning to go to these famous Frisian Islands on your next vacations, then you must carefully read this article which contains some of the best features of this famous and majestic holiday destination.

The gorgeous Frisian Islands are also known as the Wadden Sea islands or the Wadden islands. This island is located at the Eastern edge of the North Sea which is sited at the North Western hemisphere of Europe. The Frisian Islands form an archipelago and they also connect the North Western part of Netherlands to the Western part of Denmark. These islands also serve as a protecting shield for the mud covered area of the Wadden Sea.

The Frisian Island is a customary and traditional home of the Frisian people. The people of this island speak Frisian language the island is enhanced with most of the natural wildlife reserve areas. Practices such as captive breeding are being carried out in these reserves which are the major attractions for the visitors of this mesmerizing island.

In the beginning of the Holocene era, the sea level stopped rising and this resulted out in the origin of the Frisian Island. This island is formed from the remains of the Geestland Island and it is very famous all across the world for its habitation. In the earlier times, the living conditions of the people of this island were very bad but as the time passed on, the habitations as well as the culture of this island improved gradually.

The best time to visit this island is the summer as well as the autumn season. The temperature is moderate and the days are mild. You can enjoy the majestic and glorious landmarks of this beautiful island. Light house which is located in the Southern hemisphere is the major attraction for the tourists of this island. You can also enjoy the mud coast of this island and take pleasure of the pleasant temperature on these embankments.

This was all about Frisian Islands. You can enjoy your vacations and make them memorable. The natural splendor of this island will surely provoke your mind to enjoy your vacations in these islands.

Brandenburg Gate – An Admirable Primordial Monument

If you love to explore the historical monuments and gain some knowledge about the historic facts, then there are a lot of primordial vacation spots where you can spend some great moments with your family members and relatives. Many people love to spend their holidays in the lapse of mystery and adventure but searching out for a perfect vacation spot which is suitable according to your needs, is really a tough task. If you are also

Brandenburg Gate

planning your next vacations with your family members and you are looking out for a perfect vacation destination, then this article will really help you a lot in selecting a suitable place. This article contains some necessary information about the famous Brandenburg Gate of Berlin.

The famous Brandenburg Gate is one of the most visited landmarks of Berlin. This grand City Gate is one of the major representative icons of Berlin and Germany. This grand monument is a major landmark which is located at the western part of the center of the city which is also a junction of Unter Den Linden and Ebertstrabe. The grand Brandenburg Gate is one of the remaining series of gates through which you can enter the grand Berlin City.

This gate enables the tourists from all across the world to monumentally enter to the Unter Den Linden which is the very famous concourse and avenue for Linden trees. It directly leads the people to the enormous city palace of the Prussian sovereigns and crowned heads.

The gate consists of twelve major columns in which six are located in one side and the other six are located on the other side. In the earlier times, local residents as well as the tourists were allowed to pass through only two of the outermost gates. They were not allowed to use the remaining ten Doric columns. At the top of this gate, there is an emblem of a chariot with a standing goddess and it is drawn by four horses. This glorious chariot is a chariot of Victoria who is the Roman Goddess of Victory.

This Brandenburg Gate is the most well preserved buildings of Germany and it has been attracting a large number of tourists throughout the year. Many travelers will stay at local Berlin hotels for convenience. The grand and gigantic gate is very much admired by the tourists due to its exceptional architectural style. One of the Northern blocks of this tower contains the famous Reichstag Building which is also one of the major tourist attractions of the world.

You can enjoy a pleasant to this the glorious monument during your vacations and make your holidays memorable throughout your life.

Black Forest In Germany – Get Ready For An Unparalleled Forest Adventure

We all love to see paradise on earth. Black forest in Germany certainly defies the rules of hot travel attractions. So, if you want to visit an exclusive and adventurous place during your next vacations then you got to visit Black Forest in Germany. Every one of us loves to travel abroad along with our family. I would like to tell you that you need to book your

Black Forest, Germany

holidays as quickly as possible. You definitely need to read this article carefully. It could help you understand a few things regarding this place.

Before proceeding further, I would like to inform you regarding the history of this place. Well, Black Forest is a huge forest range located ideally in Germany. It is an adventurous place to be in. I can assure you one thing once you come here you would never want to leave this place. It is the perfect place for you to visit if you are traveling along with your kids. You would simply adore the serene and peaceful environment of this place.

This forest has some of the finest features and highlights. Some of them are: scenic woods and highlands. The highlands of this place are simply out of this world. If you are looking for a famous tourist destination then you are at the right place. A large portion of country’s timber is generated from this forest. Tourism also generates a lot of income for Germany. We all know that forests are being cut down worldwide. So, you must visit this place once.

I would like to share my views on this exquisite destination. When first time I landed here, I was simply captivated in the beauty of this forest. I would like to suggest this great holiday destination for every one of you. It is one of the most exclusive places in the world. Germany is known for its wood products and furniture. This is mainly due to the Black Forest. So, you can consider shopping during your next visit to this place.

This place is located in close proximity to a number of ecstatic holiday destinations. Once you come here you can visit all these tranquil places. You would love to spend some quality time here. These are some of the essential things regarding Black Forest in Germany. Make sure you visit this place once.  Check out this article once before coming here. It could really help you a lot. Have fun!

Reichstag – A Place Where History Meets Contemporary Architecture

Holidaying at a great place where you can feel the rich past being in the present scenario is really tough. Come with us to a troop to Reichstag where you can see the glorious past


peeing out of every single formation and the modern German craftsmanship. The Reichstag, is accredited as one of the most admired destination of Berlin. It is the bench for the German Parliament. Right before the confederacy, it was sharing the wall but now it is adjacent to the Brandenburger Gate.

The Reichstag is enlisted with the Contemporary Architecture in Berlin, Germany. Unquestionably the stunning structural design and astounding view of this historic place attracts the number of visitors each year. This monumental artwork satisfies the quest of witnessing something unique, of the travelers coming across the globe. This place is mesmerized for the exclusive style of designing and an awe- inspiring past. The glad dome built inside is one of the most cherished structures of the country.

Historical Backgrounds
The building is initially conceptualized by Paul Wallot and was completed in 1884. It was built for over 10 years 1884 to 1894.  This breath- taking structure is regarded for it’s novel architecture and fascinating impression. This is a colossal edifice with four gigantic facades and one immense portico encompassing front positioned eight Corinthian columns. The Reichstag was restored twice after witnessing the arson in 1933 and the war- torn immediately.

The Glass Dome
Paul Baumgarten had inserted a new structure in the name of Glass Dome. This is now considered to be the most exalted tourist attraction in Berlin. This is a glass-paneled that helped in illuminating the parliamentary chamber with more light. This dome has orchestrated an unusual sight of the lights around the place. You can experience a spectacular vision over Berlin through the spiral climbing- ramps or walkways. The design was originally created by Sir Norman Foster to add the glass dome above the plenary hall.

Modern Scenario

A part of this magnificent edifice is open for the general public since 1999 when Reichstag became the seat for the Bundestag, once again. You can use the elevator to be at the roof of the building from where you can see the amazing sight of the place. Undoubtedly it is one of the most remarkable landmarks of the city. Recently this historical house of Berlin accommodates as parliament seat of the German Empire.

Reichstag is really a worth watching place that you can visit to experience the flawless creativity of human beings.