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Tuol Sleng Museum – The Museum of Genocidal Crimes

The Tuol Slang Museum in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia was used as the torture centre of the criminals in the city in late 1970’s. Today the building abode reveals the paintings and the photographs of many criminals. Visitors can take an account of the

Tuol Sleng Museum

crude cells which are fabricated in the classrooms. The torture contrivances used up by the officers are still kept in the Stalinesque sluice of the management. The museum is open daily from 8 am to 11 am and 2:30 pm to 5 pm. When you make a visit to Phnom Penh you are advised to stopover Tuol Sleng Museum. The museum is commonly known as S-21.

When you make visit to this place you must go to the waterside long after the dusk. You will surely praise the panorama of this water edge. You can also take some images of situate. In the recent time the classrooms of this museum have been rehabilitated to the cells. You will come across the barbed wires that were stung up on the walkways to avert the captives from obligating a suicide. You will find ample of rooms that take in the irksome black and white images of the captives.

The images kept in this museum of Cambodia are really upsetting.  The structure of this museum is well – preserved since the year 1979. The management kept a good account of the thousands of snaps. Some rooms of this museum are now lined up from the floor to its ceiling with these snaps of the criminals who conceded through this prison. Several rooms contain only a rusted framework of a bed. But the images are the common features of these rooms also. The snaps of the captives hung up in these rooms represent the maimed body of the prisoners which are chained to the bed.

Other rooms of this museum keep an account of the instruments used by the officers to torture the criminals. They are escorted by the art pieces of the popular painter – Vann Nath. The artifacts of this popular painter indicate to the torture faced by the criminals of Phnom Penh. Today this museum is opened for the people along the Killing Fields and is serving as the centre of interest to the entire tourist who comes to Cambodia.

I think that it is a spot that you must visit to come across the rudeness of men. The place will make you realize that how cruel a man can be!

Bokor National Park – Abode For Endangered Species

The Bokor National Park is officially known as the Preah Monivong National Park. The National Park of Cambodia covers a distance of nearly 1581 sq km. It is the primary

Bokor National Park, Cambodia

wooded area of the nation and is quite prosperous in the terms of the prevalent flora. This park provides a hostage to globally endangered animals like the tiger, chestnut – headed partridge and also the green peafowl. Apart from all this the place is a rainforest with some perpetual calls of birds and bugs. The central attraction in the national park is the Popokvil Waterfalls and the discarded hill station of Bokor.

The moist evergreen wooded land of Bokor comprises of a deciduous forest in its northern part. It is a home for a variety of rare and threatened  animals that embrace the Indian Elephant, leopard, Asiatic Black Bear, Malayan Sun Bear, Pileated Gibbon, Pig – tailed Macaque, snow loris, red muntjac deer, lesser mouse deer, pangolin, yellow throated martin, small Asian mongoose and a huge variety of the civet, porcupine, squirrel  and bats. Over 300 species of birds reside in this national park that includes a variety of hornbills.

The Bokor National Park of Cambodia is threatened by poaching and illegal logging in its northern extremities the even now. In the 1990’s there was a proposal of transforming this National Park in the World’s Heritage site. But unfortunately the administration was not able to take the initiative to this project because of the economic inability.

On the leading edge of the Bokor National Park you will come across an informative chart. This visual aid will give you the information of about the rare animals dwelling in the park. It will also draw your attention towards the challenges met by the ecologists of this area in preserving the wildlife of the park. The plans to re – establish some resorts and lodges in this area are yet not implemented. Conversationalists hold a hope that the astute tourism development will be a source of income to both the local community as well as the management of the park.

The best way to arrive at the Bokor National Park is via motorcycle. You can also hire the motodop (motorcycle drivers). The benefit of this is that you will get innumerable taxi drivers that converse in English. So they can serve you as linguist and guides to this National Park. You can also rent your own car and driver. The boulevard at the acme of the hill is quite jarring.

I hope that you will have a great time in this region. You will have a great time at this spot.

Historical Beauty That Would Mesmerize Your Senses- Angkor Wat

For every traveler it is a dream come true to visit a place that is blessed with classical beauty and a rich historical culture. Angkor Wat is one of the most amazing and truly

Ankor Wat Temple

dazzling places of this world that would really mesmerize your senses. This place is the most famous complex in Angkor, Cambodia.

This temple complex was constructed by the great king Suryavarman II. The constructed work started in the early 12th century and it continued for four centuries. For many centuries it was hidden by thick forests and was abandoned by the kings. It was rediscovered by a Frenchman and now it has gradually become one of the most exotic and artistic site on this earth.

The place has rare beauty and ambiance that attracts thousands of tourists all around the year.

Architectural Style
This temple was dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu by the Khmer kings and it truly represents the classical and appealing Khmer architecture. Angkor Wat temple is highly renowned in Cambodia that is why it also appears on the national flag of this beautiful nation. The temple is constructed with mainly sandstone, laterite and other materials. Various famous archeologists have also compared this temple to the famous castles of Europe.

Key Features of the Temple
The temple is designed keeping in mind the South Indian Hindu architecture. This complex has a temple mountain and other key features like the galleried temple and Jagati. The temple was made keeping in mind the Mount Meru which is believed to be the home of Hindu Gods.


Angkor Wat is known all around the world for its classical decorations and descriptive structures. Inside the temple you will find most of the walls covered with scenes that depict some chapters from the great Hindu epics, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. Various famous battle scenes are also depicted on the walls. One great scene is depicted on the eastern gallery wall of this temple. This scene shows the “Churning of the Sea of Milk” with 92 asuras on one side and 88 devas on the other side.

The Present Condition of The Temple
After being rediscovered, the temple has gained immense popularity all around the world. Conservation efforts are still going on in various parts of the temple. The temple areas which were in extremely poor condition due to deterioration and natural erosion are now being restored.

I am sure visiting this truly marvelous and historically remarkable place would surely be a wonderful experience for you.