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Merlion Park – A Perfect Family Holiday Vacation

The Merlion Park is located on the Esplanade Bridge in Singapore. This attraction is greatly promoted by the Singapore tourism as it mostly preferred by the tourist from all over the world. Though it was originally situated on the bridge but its new location is somewhere else. The place has been changed now. But regardless of the change in the location its excitement is just the same.

Merlion Park Singapore

The Merlion Park was opened in the year 1972 by the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan. It was inaugurated by him and from then it has been gaining lots of popularity all over the world. The overall structure of the park was prepared by the Singapore tourism department and has been named by them too.  With lots of popularity it has become the center of attraction for the visitors.

This park is a special attraction of the Merlion. The Merlion is built in a very different shape with half being in the shape of the fish and other half as lion. Within the Merlion lies the Merlion Park which is the greatest attractions.
The center of the park is decorated by a statue which is known as the Merlion statue. The statue is 8.6 meters high and carrying a weight of about 70 tones. It was designed and installed by a famous architect Mr.Lim Nang Seng.  The entire statue is composed of cement and together with it another small statue is also built along its sides. Both these statues are designed in the same way but their skin is made up of porcelain plate while the eyes with the red teacups.

The lively atmosphere of the park will definitely make you feel young at heart. The lush green garden with fresh air all around gives a pleasant atmosphere to the Merlion Park. Because of the beautiful attractions in Singapore it is also nicknamed as the “Garden City Island”.  The lovely and the colorful with birds chirping around really make the atmosphere vibrant and full of energy.

While the kids can enjoy a few rides in the park their parents can roam around and explore the beauty.  They can spend some time together with the family and get a soothing feeling.  The natural beauty of the park is worth seeing and must not be missed at all.  Visiting the park will leave you enthralled as it will be an adventurous and exciting trip for all. Make sure you check out all the hotels in Singapore to find the best deal.

Therefore visit the Merlion Park for a fun filled and exciting trip that is unforgettable and ever lasting.

Make The Best Beach Vacation At The Changi Beach

The Changi Village is a laidback place to some extent. Here the visitors can flee away from an implicit concrete wooded forest to the exciting beach trip. This place had been the least developed spot of the country, but today it is well preserved site in the nation that is adored by al the trippers. If you are interested in seeing the reduced amount of urbanized side at the atoll, then this is a perfect spot fro you to vacate at! It is fantastic to merely take a saunter at the village and the beaches that are surrounding it.

Singapore Changi Beach

If you are a lover of the adventurous in strolling at the beaches then Changi beach is the most suitable spot to serve your desire. Change beach will surely bring out some best and sweet reminiscences of your trip. The trippers who are visiting this coastline at the age of sixties are surely going to take the pleasure from their trip. Many chronological ruins of the bygone history of this place are the most magnetizing feature of this spot.

The old harbor and the perambulator suspension bridge at the Sungei Changi are the most adorable feature at the spot. This is the only source of earning for the tourist department of the town so the local residents of this town have made each and every effort to protect this spot from any impairment or spoil. They take special care to preserve this seaside and put their all in all to protect it from getting ruined. The place is a wide opened area in which there is a wide range of the barbeque pits, park benches and the havens. The area has a calm and serene environ that make it fit for a family vacation spot. The trippers can take the pleasure of the view of landing planes; this is because the Changi Airport is located just behind the seaside.

There are innumerable pubs, restaurants and lodges that avail you with a cozy and relaxing stay at the seashore. If you want to spend a complete night at this beach of Singapore then you have to book a chalet for yourself; but make sure that you book it in advance for yourself! At the closing stages of the day you must not be indecisive in making an effort in visiting the large assortment of the dealer stalls at the Changi Village.

I am sure that you will take the pleasure from 5the trip at this beach and you will not be jaded here.

Make A Exotic Trip To The Beaches Of East Coast Islands

The East Coast Island in Singapore is a large uptown that offers its visitors with some great and amusing sights. The white sandy beaches that are present on the isle are the prime and prevalent attraction for the tourists who come at this place. It is also called as the true and ancient abode for the people of Singapore. This part of the Singapore offers its visitors with a great store of the pastoral sites that are the main cause for attracting the trippers at this isle.

Singapore East Coast Park

What To See At The Place

The literature of the tourists frequently hawks the Arabian streets that were restored near Buigs. But the prime attraction of the people at this place is the Geyland Serai, which is also recognized as the true domicile of the Malay Community of Singapore. Above all the Islamic month of Ramadan leads up to the Eid – Ul – Fitr which is known Hari Raya Puasa. The entire isle is lightened up by the neon light that gives the appearance of any celebration taking place. People visit the restaurants and the shopping malls in the evenings, when the sun goes down.

But the best feature of this isle is the beaches of this isle. They offer you with the camping sites as well as the access to the Barbeque. Some of the remarkable parks where the camping facility is availed to all the visitors are enlisted below.

1. East Coast Park
This is the largest park ion the entire country. It is the most well recognized spot for the visitors to hang out with their family and friends. You can visit this park which is present on the gloomy and muddy side. The palm trees and the clad rollers that zoom on the esplanade add a charm to this park. You have to pay the rent for the bicycle, skates and cars. The fishing and the camping sites will provide you with some cozy moments. The barbeque is also permitted to the visitors of this park.

2. Changi Beach
This is located near the change village. It is the best site for the local picnickers, swimmers and the sunbathers. If you are on the hunt for the best beach that can provide you with some private and luxurious moments then this is the perfect place for you.

3. Mangrove Boardwalk
This is one of the few remaining mangroves in Singapore. You can take a note of the mudskippers, fiddle crabs and a diverse variety of the butterflies.

I can promise you that your trip at this isle will not be a waste.

Sentosa Island – An Ideal Recreational Spot For Tourist

Sentosa Island situated in Singapore is known for its peace and harmony. It is an island resort which is visited by millions of people all round the year. Apart from being the holiday spot there are lots of events organized here. The island is a popular tourist spot where you will experience a perfect blend of silence and recreation. The Sentosa Island is a fun filled attraction that caters to the needs of the visitors.

Sentosa Island

The beaches of the Sentosa Island are one of the greatest features that the tourist is attracted towards. One will experience the fascinating and the stunning beauty of several beaches. These include the Siloso beach, Palawan Beach etc. The tranquility and the landscapes are just giving a panoramic view to the beach. The visitors can enjoy the water activities together with the natural beauty are just worth watching.

The Sentosa Island is full of amazing tours that also include the wonderful parks. These are Butterfly Park, Underwater World, Insect Kingdom and lots more to explore on this island. You will feel great pleasure here as it is a very quiet place where the kids and family can have fun and spend some time together. A complete entertaining trip can be experienced which is unforgettable.

Another very well known attracting includes the Songs of the Sea. This chain began in the year 2007 which was done as a part of the musical fountain show. It is spectacular show which last for about 25 minutes and takes place twice a day. The visitors are delighted by watching the show but a fee is also charged which can range from $10 to $15. The show is organized in an open air hall that has the capacity of accommodating about 25000 people.

The dolphin lagoon which is formerly the part of the Underwater World is also a major attraction of the Sentosa Island. There are many dolphins that are brought from the Pacific to attract the visitors. The people enter the pool full of water and can interact with the Dolphins too. You an entertainment ride is available for the tourist.

The cable car up to the Mount Faber is greatly enjoyed by the visitors. The charges of the car are not high and one can experience the excitement and the thrill. The entire Sentosa Island can be viewed from the Mount Faber and it gives a majestic view. Thus you can enjoy the whole island through the cable car.

So the Sentosa Island is like a paradise for the tourist where they can enjoy and have fun. Thus what are you looking for just trip yourself to these exciting attractions that are full of pleasant moments?

Little India – The Heart Of Singapore

Little India is located near the Singapore River. It lies close to Chinatown and has all the elements that India has. Visiting Little India can be altogether an incredible experience for the tourist.  The visitors can enjoy a complete blend of the Indian culture and traditions. As it bears the name, the little India has lots of product that are designed by the Indian and also several other exciting things.


The Little India is the best place where the visitors can explore some of the Indian varieties that includes the clothes, furniture, jewelry and many more. So one can shop as much as they want and at the same time other products can also be explored.  Here you will find everything that you find in India.  Therefore the visitors who love to discover an Indian touch can surely visit Little India.

There are lots of temples that remind you about the Indian architecture and the culture that is followed here. Even the rituals that are performed in the temples are the same that are done in Indian temples. The visitors can watch out the rich culture and tradition that holds great significance. It is a symbol of the Indian pride and traditions.

Apart from shopping and discovering the new things the tourist can also experience some Indian food varieties.  You will come across all the different types of Indian food with special Indian dishes.  The Indian food is the special variety of food that is available in Little India.  So whenever you come to Little India it is must to taste some delicious and mouth watering dishes of food.

There are no specific attractions in little India but the entire town is loaded with beautiful collections of architecture and all the Indian variety that you wish to have.  The visitors can enjoy entraining shows that are organized especially for the visitors and the tourist. One of the biggest attractions of Little India is the colorful bangles that are available in different designs. You can get a lot of varieties so the people can choose the best and most attractive bangles for themselves.

Little India is very well connected to Singapore through road and rail both. So the tourist can either hire car or their personal vehicle for reacting here. It will take around one hour to reach there and then you can enjoy as much as you can.  Even the accommodation facilities are good and you can get reasonable and budgeted hotels.

Therefore visiting Little India is same as you are experiencing a second Indian country. So book your tickets now and have a pleasant journey.

Enjoy The Thrilling Experience Of The Night Safari In Singapore

The night safari is the first night zoo of the world that has been visited by almost ten millions visitors every year. It is one of the most exciting, thrilling and joyful experience which the tourist can have.  If you want to make your trip an incredible experience then the night safari can be the perfect option.  So let us discover some of the highlighting

Night Safaris Zoo

features of the night safari.

Being an entertaining attraction for the tourist you will come across several things that will excite you.  There are about 1200 animals with over 100 different species.  The entire zoo is divided in to eight different zones each depicting particular special characteristics. These are designed in such a way that each zone represents a specific region of the world.

The best thing that the visitors can do is to relax and take a walk around the whole zoo. But the adventure is yet to be discovered as the night safari can be full of rocking experiences. Many a times this zoo has been has bagged several awards for the spectacular and fascinating views.

The family can enjoy a lot with their kids and other members. So whenever you visit the zoo do not miss the chance of hiring a safari for it.  You will see different species of nocturnal animals from a closer view. Lots of animals can be seen here as they are brought from different parts of the world.  Apart from visiting the zoo the tourist can also enjoy the delicious dinner at the most popular restaurant Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant.

The zoo is spread in a large are of about 40 hectares together with the Singapore zoo as well. The dark jungle and the horrifying sounds of the animals will definitely leave you in terror. Even the open trains are also available for the ride and vesting the zoo.  From the train you can watch out for a reservoir and the natural green environment. The bog trees give a dark appearance to the zoo. But during the night the zoo is full of dazzling lights that add to the beauty of the place.

The zoo is opened from evening to the midnight and the fares are just reasonable. The tickets can be easily bought from the entrance and it is opened only from evening.  Even the parking charges have to be paid if you are bringing a vehicle here. But in all it is an experience full of excitement.

Thus the night safari is a journey that you will never forget and you will always want to visit it again and again.

Changi Beach Park – A Natural Paradise

A natural vacation spot is one of the perfect places where you can easily avail yourself with a peaceful atmosphere and a calming environment. Today, most of the people prefer to enjoy their leisure moments as well as their holidays in the midst of natural beauty and splendor. More than 75% of the tourists from all across the world love to enjoy with their

Changi Beach

family members and relatives in the midst of natural exoticness. There are a number of beautiful and charming natural vacation spots which are located in different parts of the world.

You can easily avail yourself with mental calmness and relaxation through these natural attractions. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the basic facts related to the grand Changi Beach Park of Singapore. Make sure that you read this article once if you are looking out for a perfect natural holiday destination.

The grand Changi Beach Park is one of the major attractions for the tourists of Singapore. This grand beach side park is located in the North Eastern section of Singapore. This grand beach side of Singapore encloses an area of about 28 hectares. The grand Changi Beach Park is one of the oldest beach parks of Singapore. A visit to this grand beach park is must for all the visitors of Singapore.

The grand Changi Beach Park extends to a length of 3.3 kilometers which makes it one of the largest beaches of the world. The sandy stretches of this grand beach side extends between the Changi Ferry Road and the Changi Point. This grand and majestic beach side is the major attraction for the local residents of the nearby areas. People of all age groups love to visit this grand natural spot during the weekends.

The Changi Beach Park is well enhanced with several restaurants as well as bars. This grand beach side also contains number of tables and comfortable benches which are well placed below the shades of grape nut trees. The beach offers numerous attractions to its tourists. Swimming, surfing, beach cricket, beach volleyball and fishing are some of the major attractions for the visitors of this grand and charming beach side of Singapore. The beach also contains well trained life guards in order to ensure the safety of the visitors of this beach side.

Well, these are some of the important and necessary facts related to the grand Changi Beach Park of Singapore. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic monument during your holidays.

Singapore Zoo – A Travel into Wildlife Attractions

We all love to have a grand day with our family members. A perfect and best suited holiday destination can really prove out to be helpful to you in making your vacations

Singapore Zoo

memorable but searching a perfect vacation spot for yourself is really a hard work. Most of the people love to enjoy their vacations with their family members on such places where they can get some kind of mental relaxation and entertainment. If you are planning your upcoming vacations with your family and you are searching for a perfect vacation spot, then this article will really prove out to be helpful to you.

You must read this article once which contains some of the best features of the Singapore Zoo which in turn can be the best suited holiday destination for you as well as your family. Singapore Zoo is also known as the Mandai Zoo by the local residents of this city. The Singapore Zoo was opened on the 23rd of June, 1973 and about 9 million Singapore dollars were invested in the construction of this landmark. The famous Singapore Zoo which is one of the major attractions for the tourists of Singapore at the present is one of the most well preserved landmarks under the Wildlife Reserves, Singapore which also operates the famous Night Safari and the Jurong World Park.

The zoo is totally based on the concept of Open Zoo where the visitors can easily view the animals that are put behind the bars. The animals are enclosed in the wide and extended enclosures which are really best suited for their habitation. The Singapore Zoo is comprised up with more than 315 wild animals’ species and some of the endangered species. The practice of captive breeding is also carried out in the zoo for the purpose of protecting the endangered species from getting diminished. The Singapore Zoo spreads over 28 hectares of landscape and it attracts more than 1.6 million of tourists every year.

The Singapore Zoo offers many attractions to the tourists which can be enjoyed at a reasonable price. The zoo is comprised up with many special rides for its visitors like horse rides and trams which are available at lower prices. Breakfast with an Orangutan is the major attraction of this Zoo where the tourists can easily interact with the Orangutans and have fun.

So you can have a great time in the Singapore Zoo with your family members and enjoy your vacations to the most.