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Experience the Fascinating Splendor of Nature at the Enniscrone Beach

We all know that there are various attractions which are really outstanding and most of the people love to visit these attractions during their holidays. There are various primordial castles and monuments, man made structures and natural attractions that

Enniscrone Beach

are located in different parts of the world. People mostly prefer to enjoy their vacations in the midst of natural magnificence and splendor. People simply love to spend some grand moments of their life in the lapse of spectacular water falls or marvelous beach sides or splendid mountains.

Well, we all know that vacations are approaching near and every one is busy in searching for a perfect holiday destination where they can easily some grand moments of their life with their friends and relatives. So, if you are also planning to enjoy your seasonal vacations in the lapse of natural beauty and its exotic components, then you must read this article once. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the most essential facts related to the grand Enniscrone Beach of Ireland. I am sure that this article will really help you a lot in selecting the best natural holiday destination for yourself.

The grand Enniscrone Beach is one of the most popular beach sides which are located in the County Sligo of Ireland. It is a sandy beach side which also serves as a golf course and tourist campsite for most of the visitors from all across the world. This grand beach side stretches over the extended area of seashore. This beach side of Ireland is well enhanced with various exotic and out of the ordinary features which really make it distinguishable from the other beaches of the world.

It offers many attractive adventures to its visitors like swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, beach cricket and fishing. Most of the children as well as young people love to enjoy the adventurous water sports on this beach side. There are also various hotels and royal restaurants that are situated on the sandy shores of this grand beach side. You can enjoy the mouth watering delicacies with your family members after a refreshing trip to this beach side.

You can also hire various beach side accessories at a reasonable price from the nearby shops. You can enjoy the pleasant view of this naturally modified beach on the shores by hiring a beach side lounger and umbrella.

The grand Ennicrone Beach is really an outstanding natural attraction of Ireland. Make sure that you visit this vacation spot during your seasonal holidays.

Exhilarate your Holidays with the Scenic Beauty of Banna Strand

Well, if you are true lover of the exotic beauty and splendor of nature and its components, then you must go through this article of mine. Vacations are approaching near and every one is busy in searching for a perfect vacation spot where they can easily spend some

Banna Beach

grand moments of their life with their family members and relatives. Today, most of the people prefer to enjoy their seasonal holidays in the lapse of nature rather than any kind of man made or primordial monument.

Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the necessary facts related to the grand Banna Strand or the Banna Beach. So, if you are truly wishing to enjoy your seasonal vacations in the lapse of nature, then you must follow this article of mine. This article will really help you a lot in selecting a perfect natural vacation spot for yourself.

The grand and exotic Banna Strand is also known as the Banna Beach. This grand and exotic beach side is located in the Tralee Bay. The grand Banna Beach is a kind of a Atlantic beach because it is situated adjacent to the Atlantic ocean. This natural beauty extends from Barrow Beach at the Southern Beach to the Ballyheigue Beach to the North. It is located in the County Kerry in Ireland. This beach side of Ireland is situated at a distance of 7 miles from the Tralee Bay.

The grand and spectacular Banna Beach side is well enhanced with various sand dunes which have a height of approximately 12 meters. You can also gaze at the fascinating and mesmerizing beauty of the mountains that are sited at the South Western horizon. You can really have a great time on the shores of this natural beach side with your family members. You can also make your holidays memorable throughout your life.

The beach side also offers many attractions to its visitors like beach sports, fishing, parasailing, cricket, beach volleyball, surfing, swimming and many more attractive water adventures which mostly attract a large number of children as well as young peoples. There are also various shops, royal restaurants and cuisines that are present on the shores of this grand beach. You can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of this majestic beach side during your holidays.

Well, these are some of the major attractions of the Banna Strand or the Banna Beach. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here with your friends and relatives.

Bundoran Beach – Enjoy the Dramatic Scenic Beauty of Nature

We all are very well aware with the fact that nature and its exotic components are really one of the most beautiful things that are present on the Earth today. Today, every one loves to spend most of the time in the lapse of marvelous beauty and splendor of nature.

Bundoran Beach At Sunset

Today, mostly all the people love to enjoy their seasonal holidays in the lapse of natural attraction. A natural attraction is the one and only place where you can easily avail yourself with the pleasure of peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You can also enjoy the refreshing air and feel the essence of natural majesty.

There are a large number of exotic and out of the ordinary natural vacation spots that are located in various parts of the world. Well, further in this article, I am going to discuss about the indispensable facts related to the grand Bundoran Beach side of Ireland. Make sure that you go through this article once if you are also searching for a majestic natural vacation destination of the world.

The grand Bundoran Beach is one of the most popular beach sides of Ireland. This famous seaside resort is situated in Bundoran town which lies in Donegal in Ireland. There are numerous tourist attractions that are located in Ireland but the grand and eye catching Bundoran Beach side is one of the most visited natural attractions of Ireland. A large number of foreign visitors as well as local residents of the nearby areas of Bundoran town love to visit this grand beach side during their seasonal vacations as well as on the weekends.

Various modifications have been made on this grand and spectacular beach side from the last few years. This grand beach side is very much famous for its spectacular and outstanding sea front. You can easily view at the dramatic scenic beauty of the shores of this grand beach side of Ireland. There is also a strand through which you can easily gaze at the whole of the beach side.

There are numerous shops which attract a large number of tourists. You can also notice several restaurants and cuisines on the shores of this grand beach side. This beach side offers many attractions for its visitors like swimming, surfing and many more water adventures. You can observe a huge crowd during the evening when most of the people love to enjoy the view of the setting sun.

The grand Bundoran Beach is really a marvelous natural attraction of Ireland. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic vacation site during your holidays.

Barley Cove Beach – Feel the Refreshing and Peaceful Ambiance

Well, if you are true lover of natural beauty and splendor and you are wishing to enjoy the soothing and fascinating features of these natural components, then natural attractions would be the best suited options for you. Today, most of the people prefer to enjoy their

Barley Cove Beach

seasonal holidays in the midst of natural attraction that are situated in different parts of the world. People simply love to enjoy the fascinating and peaceful atmosphere of nature.

Well, there are numerous natural attractions that are located in various parts of this world. Spectacular water falls and eye catching hill sides and high mountains and impressive beach sides are some of the most popular natural attractions where people love to visit with their family members and relatives. Further, in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the most relevant facts related to the grand Barley Cove Beach side of Ireland which is one of the grandest beaches of the world. So, if you are planning to spend some memorable moments of your seasonal holidays in the midst of this grand beach side of Ireland, then you must go through this article.

The grand Barley Cove Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Ireland. It is located in County Cork which lies on the Southern Coast of Ireland. This grand beach side has been declared as one of the best beaches of the Western Cork. A large number of foreign visitors from all across the world as well as local residents from the nearby areas visit this spectacular beach side every year. The peaceful and calmed ambiance of the shores of this beach is the major attraction among the tourists.

Visitors of this natural attraction simply love to enjoy the grand moments of their life with their family members in the lapse of mesmerizing beauty and majesty of the Barley Cove Beach of Ireland. The grand Barley Cove Beach has itself been nominated as the Special Area of Conservation by the Union of Europe. This grand beach side is located between the two hills and it is well enhanced with spectacular sand dunes.

The best time to visit this beach side of Ireland is the summer season. The temperature is pretty moderate and the days are mild enough. This beach side also offers many attractions to its visitors like water adventures and aquatic sports. This beach side is very much common among the teenagers as well as the young peoples.

Make sure that you do not miss this exotic beach side during your next vacations. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here.

Trim Castle – A Center Of Feudal Power

The Trim Castle in Ireland is the leading and largest Anglo – Norman citadel present in Ireland. It was erected over a period of thirty years by Hugh de Lacy and his lad Walter. He was approved with the freedom of meth by the King Henry II in the year 1172 in the

Trim Castle

attempt of restraining the expansionist policy planned by Richard de Clare. The erection of this colossal fortress with three stories was started in the year 1176 on the site of the earlier stilled fort. This enormous twenty – sided tower which is circular in shape was prevented from the ditch, curtain wall and moat.


The site of this fortress was chosen because it is on the raised ground, and overlooks the fording point on the river Boyne. This is the chief citadel in the ancient medieval priestly and the regal site. The distance of this citadel from the Irish Sea is nearly 25 miles. In the late medieval period, the citadel served as the place for admiration for meth and marked the exterior northern edge of the Pale. In the 16th and the 17th century the importance of this castle was inclined. But even at that point of the time this spot was very important for the military. The declining importance of this fort led to the defoliation of this castle. In the 15thg century the parliament of Ireland met in the Trim Castle for seven times. The reconstruction of this citadel was done at the time of the Cromwellian war in the early years of 1640s.

After the war the castle was contracted to the Wellesley family who enjoyed the possession over this castle until the Arthur Wellesley – the Dike of the Wellington retailed it to the Leslies.

How To Get In The Citadel
The Trim Castle is opened for its visitors on a payment of a diffident entry fees. The public can access in this fort at any day in the period of Easter Saturday to Halloween. The castle opens at 10 am. The area inside the citadel is accessible if you pay a small entry fees. You can visit the entire castle in just 45 minutes, provided that a guide accompanies you! In the winter season the structure is opened for the visitors only on weekends or the bank holidays. If you take the option of a guided tour then the guide can make you aware of the historical graffiti hung on few barricades. Some of these are as old as the period when this castle was constructed.

I ensure you that you will have a great time in the lapse of history of Ireland.

The Cliffs Of Moher – The Most Outstanding Coastal Features

The Cliffs Of Moher are situated at the extreme south of the village Dolin in the Co Clare Ireland. They soar over 700 feet and stretch to the south for nearly five miles to the Hags Head. The Cliffs of Moher are the top most tourist attractions in Ireland. The cliffs threaten the western coast of the Country’s Clare. They are around 214 meters in the elevation at

Cliffs Of Moher

their highest point. They range for nearly eight kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean. The O’Brien’s Tower is positioned on the headland of these regal cliffs. You can take a glance at the Aram Islands, the Twelve Bens, Galway Bay, Mama Turk Mountains and the Loop Head at the South.

You will acknowledge the forces of the unconcealed and rampart ocean, this is a time to revere its supremacy and keep an aloofness from its edge! The precipice chiefly comprises of the bed of shales and sandstone. The oldest rock is found at the bottom of these precipices. You can view the aged river channels that cut of the base of the cliffs! The wildlife of this area is quite diverse. Mostly it comprises of the birds. You will come across 29 species of the birds. The birds of this area include the Atlantic Puffins, Hawks, Gulls, Guillemots, Shags, Ravens and Choughs.

Unbothered since a long period the panorama of the area of Cliffs of Moher, welcomes the visitors of this place. The perfect and the ideal location of the crag has attracted over a million of visitors of Ireland. The Atlantic Edge is the exhilarating and recreational spot for the people of all age! The enormous vaulted grotto is present in the subversive edifice. This cavern comprises the images which are glee by the juvenile and the aged visitors. The Ferry trip permits the tourists to take a view of the Cliffs of Moher from the sea level.

Guests can enter the cliff via access ramp that provides the entry to the central floor of this place. This is organized into the four chief themed areas that explore the elements of the magnificent cliffs: Rock, Ocean, Nature and Man. A tour of this place by the air is permitted by the Clare Journey. The trip is continued by a winding burrow that reminds us of several caverns of the area. The central part of the cliffs has several restaurants, cafes, gift shops, units of the craft workers and lodges.

So when you come to visit the country make a stopover at the Cliffs of Moher. You will surely enjoy your vacation at this spot.

Rattoo Round Tower – Enjoy The Lovely Countryside

The Rattoo Round Tower is the well – conserved structure of Ireland. It is one amongst the thirteen undamaged loom that still hold their existence on the land of Ireland. Once there were four structures of this type in Kerry, Ireland. But today the Rattoo Round Tower is

Rattoo Round Tower

the last that exists on the land as a complete round tower. It was erected in the 12th century by the Augustinians on the spot of the monastery founded by the St Lugach. He was a devoted saint of Ss. Peter and Paul.

The round – headed entrance way of this loom of Kerry is located in 2.83 m above the ground level. It is at the elevation of 1.6 m. It is prepared from up of a semi – circular archway of three stones decked with a simple wavy logo in relief. The central segment above central branch measures around twenty centimeters on the whole. Expanding from the bottom of each corkscrew, there is a plain bed molding. This molding twists around the archway for 44 cm and then ends on the either side in the curly spirals. The two spirals elongate on the same direction, clockwise on the left and anti – clockwise on the right. This pattern of the structure imparts uniqueness to the Rattoo Round Tower.

Standing erect on the elevation of 28 meters, it is not as high as the other round towers but still it is one of the best on the land of Ireland. The Rattoo Round Tower has more than five storeys and has a windowpane on each storey. The boulder used to prepare this The Rattoo Round Tower was Quartzes sandstone. Stones from that were transformed into the walls that are surrounding the Rattoo Round Tower. The loftiness of the Rattoo Round Tower suggests that it was made so high, so that this tower can be acknowledged from a distance by all its travelers and the pilgrims.

The foundation of the Rattoo Round Tower is 15 meters in its fringe. The diameter of the tower is around 5 meters. The peak storey of the loom has a stance window that faces the basic points. In the early period of the monastery the window of the topmost storey had a hand – bell. This hand – bell was removed from the spot and replaced with a Silver bell of a sweet tone. The Rattoo Round Tower has a round – headed entrance way with an architrave around it! In the year 1880 the conical cap was refurbished and fitted with a lightening conductor.

A visit to this place of Ireland is really delightful and highly mesmerizing! I am sure that you are going to enjoy it.

Birr Castle – Walk Into The Ireland’s History

A visit to Birr is only of any value if you are a lover of astronomy, panorama estates or the Georgian edifices. But if you are at the district or ever come across this area then you must be sure that you have enough time to visit the town of Birr and the Birr Castle. You must

Birr Castle

have the spare time of one or two hours. This will certainly be enough for you to visit the entire place completely if you are not a serious lover of astronomy or a student of the Georgian structures which are preserved by this town.

Birr Castle is an enormous castle in the town of Birr, in Ireland. It serves as a residence to the Seventh Earl of Rosse. This is the reason why the residential fragments in this citadel of Ireland are not accessible by the visitors, although the grounds and the wooded dense gardens of this castle are accessible by all its visitors. The grounds in the premises of this citadel are easily accessible by the public, apart from the fact that they are the homes of the Ireland’s Historic Centre.

The grounds of the citadel are comprised up of the museum of Ireland’s Historic Scientists and their contributions of these scientists in the fields of Botany and astronomy. The prime feature of this citadel’s ground is the “Great Telescope of Leviathan of the Earl of Rosse”. This is an astronomical telescope with a reflector of 183 cm. This telescope was finished by the year 1845. It was used for few decades. But the last observations made with the aid of this telescope were in the early years of the 20th century. The public can pay a view at this telescope resting in the grounds of the citadel.

The grounds of the fort enclose the wrought – iron bridge in the Ireland that dates long back since the period of 1820. The walled backyard in the garden features the Box Hedges that are 300 years old. They are enlisted in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest evade on the globe.

Birr castle offers its visitors a complete recipe of fun, relaxation and exploration of the facts related to the Georgian edifices. The place is well – known for the unmatched prettiness of the gardens. The gardens are the abode to many remarkable plants. The gardens replicate a French chic and comprise the plants that are highly limited! It serves as the home to several gorgeous pathways and some adventurous tracks of the hornbeam cloister.

You will enjoy the trip to this castle and remember it although your life.

Pattaya Beach – A Synonym For Fun In Sun

Beach holiday is something that all of us want to have to as a family treat. In order to enjoy the complete bliss of your vacations, you can choose Pattay, one of the most

Pattaya Beach

incredibly beautiful beaches across the world. Pattaya is really a wonderful place offering your numerous options to enjoy and relax. The fascinating settings with mysterious locals will simply spell bound you. This awesome beach rewards the timeless memories to all the visitors to cherish all through their life.

It would not be sufficient to call it a place of fun holidays and striking carnivals. This fun goes on all through the year. You can also enjoy the adventurous sports like Snooker, Bowling, Golf and various other aquatic sports. The Pattaya city is positioned along a pictorial bay in the Gulf of Thailand on the East Coast. It is almost roughly 160 kilometers away from the southeast of Bangkok. Previously it was a fishing village and now it has stand out as the much loved Southeast Asian holiday spot.

Pattaya is such a place that will simply blow your mind away and the enchanting spectacles of this startling place will entice you to have a closer view. Pattaya orientation is fairly simple and for making it simple, it has been divided in to Jomtien, North, South and Central parts. Some noteworthy sights involve Big Buddha Hill positioned strategically between the Jomtien and South Pattaya. It is actually a small mountain upholding a big gold paint statue of Lord Buddha.

South Pattaya and Jomtien beach are separated with a cape shape dissector where you will find an array of world class hotels and resorts. This awe- inspiring place not only offers you beautiful attractions, world class hospitality but it gives you the mouth watering cuisines also. If you are a sea food lover, you can satisfy your taste buds here with variety of sea food along with some delectable cuisines.

If you are feeling tired you can visit one of the most happening massage parlours, take a leisurely stroll over the beaches or can chill out under the sunlight and can feel the fresh breezes. Shopping, sightseeing, tournaments, marine games are some of the options to enjoy in the day time. As the sun goes down in Pattaya, the vibrant nightlife comes up to give you a treat. This exotic island has amazing nightlife and in order to double the joy you can be in one of the top rated bars or clubs to enjoy the fun time.

Pattaya is a must go spot for all the love birds, couples, children and families. Some of the magnetisms include dazzling sunshine, tranquil sea, sandy beaches, abundant Palm and Banana trees.

The Lakes Of Killarney – Great Scenic Attractions

Traveling can really be a fun filled experience for your family and friends, so if you are planning a summer vacation this year, try to select a place with scenic attractions and natural beauty.  One such location that you can consider is Ireland which is the land of natural beauty and splendor. The Lakes of Killarney are the reservoirs of natural beauty and charm and they are located in Killarney, County Kerry, in Ireland.

The Lakes of Killarney mainly contains three lakes which are:

  1. Muckross Lake or the middle lake.
  2. Lough Leane.
  3. Upper Lake.

The lakes occupy the whole valley which stretches between the majestic mountains. Coming to this attractive location would surely be an awe-inspiring moment for you. The surrounding mountains and all the three lakes are included within the Killarney National Park. The lower lake and middle lake of this system are separated by the enchanting wooded peninsula of Muckross. The lower lake is very near to the town and it contains various appealing islands and it also includes the Ross Castle and the Muckross Abbey on the eastern shore.

Lough Leane
This is the largest lake of the system and the River Laune drains the water of this lake into Dingle Bay moving north towards Killorglin. This lake covers an area of nearly 8 square

Lough Leane

miles and it is very near to the town that is why people can really explore the area according to their convenience. The islands which are located here are mostly inhabited. If you want to explore the surrounding areas then you can take the help of the regular boat trips which are organized from Innisfallen Island to Ross Castle.

Muckross Lake
Muckross Lake is also known as the Middle lake and here you can find the Muckross House and the Muckross Abbey on its eastern shore. If you are visiting this place then you must

Muckross Lake

also see the Torc Waterfall which is only one mile away from the shore. The middle lake provides you excellent opportunities for fishing and swimming.

Upper Lake
The Upper Lake is the last lake of this system which is nearly two third in size of the

Upper Lake

Muckross Lake. This crystal clear lake lies in the valley of Sandstone Mountains. From the upper side of this lake you can see the famous Ladies’ View.

If you really want to experience the true Irish culture and exotic beauty then you must surely visit these three lakes.