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Nikki Beach In St. Tropez – Enjoy The Topmost Beach Experience In This Part Of The World

Traveling is always a great fun for all of us. We all love to travel abroad along with our family members. However, choosing the right destination to travel is quite difficult. You really need to research well when it comes to selecting the

Nikki Beach

right travel destination for your holidays. Now, let us talk about a great travel attraction located in St. Tropez. Well, I am talking about the Nikki beach. It is definitely a wonderful place to be in. I can assure you one thing once you come here you would never want to leave this place.

It is pretty important to note that before traveling abroad to a travel attraction you must collect all the necessary information regarding the target city. It is of utmost importance to do so. You need to properly assess the weather conditions there. Accordingly, you need to take a decision. Well, I would like to tell you that it is a superb attraction for you to visit. It is the perfect destination stopover for all the family travelers.

This is an ideal place for your kids as this is a hot spot amongst several Hollywood celebrities. You will certainly enjoy a lot with some of the most famous personalities of all time. Absolute fun is guaranteed here. You can party here all day and all night long. The environment here is absolutely serene and tranquil. There is no sign of hustle and bustle of town. You will feel very relaxed in the atmosphere of this place. This place is located in close proximity to various hot attractions of St. Tropez. So, you can be rest assured of a jam packed vacation.

This place offers you a lot of facilities and services. A large number of restaurants and lounges are situated nearby this place. By visiting this place you can even take pleasure in a number of activities. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, scuba diving and surfing here. Reaching this place is not at all difficult. You can easily reach here by the means of trains, cabs and buses. However, you must avoid your personal car as parking is full most of the times. So, you need to bring your vehicle at your own risk.

Several parties and festivals are organized here. You can even enjoy them along with your family. So, come here and squander away all your worries. Don’t forget to visit this hot travel attraction during your next vacations. Have a lot of fun!

Notre Dame Cathedral – Experience The Beauty Of Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a vital instance of the French Gothic Architecture, stained glass windows and the sculptures. This is the most recognized destinations amongst the tourist who plan to visit Paris. On the entire land of France, it magnetizes more than 13 million people every year. This is even more than the number of visitors who trip the

Notre Dame Cathedra

Eiffel Tower.

This famed cathedral is popularly recognized as the active Catholic Church. It is a pilgrim’s spot that is the core point for the Catholicism in France. The place hosts a number of religious events that have a great significance for the nation. Even today this place is the most visited spot in the continent of Europe. It has a lot in its store that is capable of attracting the visitors.

Spots To Visit

1. West Front
This is the most noticeable part in the cathedral. It has two towers that are 69 meters lofty. The South Tower has the popular bell of the cathedral- “Emmanuel”. The weight of this bell is nearly 13 metric tons which is equivalent to 28000 pounds. The clapper of the bell weighs around 500 kg. It was recessed in the year 1631.

2. Grand Gallery
This segment of the western front is a connection between the two west towers. The gargoyles at this gallery are filled with the Gothic characters. The medieval sculptures were not added in the restoration of the nineteenth century.

3. King’s Gallery
This is a line of the statuettes of 28 kings of Judah as well as Israel. They were known by the Viollet-le-Duc, in order to reinstate the effigies that were shattered during the French Revolution. Some of these statues were regained and are preserved in the Museum OF Middle Ages.

4. West Rose Window

The elegant West Rose Window was prepared in the period of 1220. It is beautifully designed and attracts the visitors by its appealing power.

5. Stained Glass Windows
The stained glass windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral are the vital and striking exertion of the 13th century that was built in the Gothic Design. The best part and the great continued existence of these glass windows is the location of the rose windows. The rose windows glitter like the jewels on the western entrance and in the southern and northern transept.

This is the best destination in the European continent that demonstrates the richness of art works. I can ensure you that you will enjoy every second at this spot and will not be bored!

Explore The Mysterious Louvre Museum and Take The Pleasure From Its Beauty

If you enjoy to access the museum and desire to make a visit at the museums of Paris then Louvre Museum is the best and perfect alternative for you. This museum of Paris is simply an enormous, epic and gargantuan complex that will fetch you slam to the artifacts of the bygone painters and innovative people. The expression museum is not perfectly robust when you are talking about the Louvre Museum. The collections of this museum are so

Louvre Museum

immense, diverse and awesome that the trippers at this place will simply take the pleasure from exploring a warren and labyrinth of distinct art and cultural world.

Straddling across the eight thematic departments and 35000 art pieces that date from the distant past to the early and contemporary period this art museum attracts a number of visitors every month. The permanent art collections at the Louvre Museum comprise up of the magnum opuses by the masters of Europe, like the Da Vinci, Vermeer, Rubens and many more. The majesty of the art collections of the unequaled and matchless Greco – Roman, Egyptian and the Islamic painters are beyond words.

The regular temporary reveals frequently emphasizes on the meticulous artiste or the movements. But most of them are of a great value. The overview of the French collection is comprise up of Romanesque artifacts that date back to the eleventh century the Daniel in Lion’s Den is one of the best artifacts that attract the visitors and forces them top capture the snaps of this piece. The Virgin of Auvergne dates back to the twelfth century. The Renaissance sway caused by the French Figurine of 16th century is well preserved at this spot.

You can take the note of the Jean Gijon’s bas relief and the Descent from the Cross and Resurrection of Christ by the Germain Pilon. The artifacts of the 17th and the 18th century are demonstrated by the Eithenne Maurice Falconet’s works. They include the Woman Bathing and Amour Menacant. The works displayed by the first floor of the Richelieu Wing and the Apollo are gallery are the best art pieces which are present in this museum. It comprises of the Medieval Period’s Collections. The art works of the modern and contemporary period includes the Serves Vase of Madame de Pompadour and the apartments of Napoleon III.

So even if you are not interested in tripping the museums then also this place has a lot in its store to fascinate you!

The Palace Of Versailles – The World’s Most Magnificent Chateau

France is well known for its enchanting locations and elegant monuments. Chateau de Versailles is also known as the Palace of Versailles and it is located in the city of Versailles. At the time of the construction of this palace, Versailles was only a small village and the

Chateau de Versailles

chateau was constructed as the royal hunting lodge in 1624 AD by Louis XIII. After some years the lodge was converted into a holiday retreat for the ring.

The exotic palace contains various special features that is why it is visited by all the tourist who are interested in its historical background. The enchanting hall of mirrors can be found in this building which was designed by Jules Hardouin Mansart who was the chief architect of the king.

The Hall Of Mirrors
In the Hall of Mirrors you can find various attractive statues and the busts of various Roman Emperors who were well known for their contributions. Candelabra and numerous painting were also added to the hall which mainly depicted the triumphs and the victories of Louis XIV. The hall is 250 feet long and it contains 17 windows which contain 17 mirrors which were used by the kings and queens to dress. A dancing hall is also included in the Hall of Mirrors.

History of the Chateau
It was in the year 1682 when Louis XIV declared the chateau as the permanent resident for various nobles and royal people. The chateau is a majestic building which includes many rooms and it can easily occupy 10, 000 people. The building was also the permanent resident of all the kings of France till the French Revolution.

Architecture of the building
The Chateau de Versailles is one of the most well known buildings in France. It is just like a masterpiece which includes highly luxurious and spacious gardens where one can relax in the peaceful ambiance. In the gardens you can also find many fountains and sculptures representing the French Classical structure.

The palace is sumptuously decorated and here you can find all the luxuries that one can imagine. The palace mainly contains three important features which include the Queen’s Apartments, Hall of Mirrors and the state Apartments.

Present condition of the Palace
During the French Revolutions all the exotic furnishings and decorations of the Chateau were taken down. The art pieces were deported to the museums and all the furniture were sold in the market during the French revolution.

In the present day this place is used as a national museum and it is opened for the general public.

Pont Du Gard Bridge – An Amazing Man Made Aqueduct

There are a number of man made structures which are located in different parts of the world. The amazing splendor of these structures can really provoke you to visit these exotic landmarks during your holidays. Whenever we discuss about the grand man-made structures, the most primary thing that comes in our mind are the spectacular bridges

Pont Du Gard Bridge

that are well comprised with exotic and spectacular architectural and engineering skills. Well if you are also looking out for a perfect vacation spot where you can easily spend some great moments with your family members and make your holidays memorable, then this article will really help you a lot.

In the world of grand man made bridges of the world, the famous Pont Du Gard Bridge which is located in the South of France has stolen away the glare of publicity from the last many years. The grand Port Du Gard is a man made channel which was built up by the Roman Empire. This grand bridge is located in the Vers Pont Du Gard which is located near Remoulins. The grand Port Du Gard Bridge of France has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The literal meaning of Port Du Gard is the bridge of the river. This man made structure extends over the Gard River, also known as the Gardon River, which is formed by several tributaries. Today, this grand man made structure is one of the most visited landmark for the tourists of France. This man made structure is well equipped with exotic and stunning architectural skills which make it one of the most popular attraction for the tourists.

The bridge was constructed without the use of Mortar. This man made structure is constructed with the help of aqueduct stones which were approximately equal to 6 tons in weight and they eliminated the need of mortar. In order to increase the resistivity of this bridge against the flow of water, engineers who were involved in the construction of this bridge curved the upper levels of this bridge in the upstream direction.

The bridge is comprised of three level and they are: the Upper level which is about 275 meters long. The Middle Level is about 242 meters long and 4 meters thick. The Lower Level is about 142 meters long and 6 meters thick. The Pont Du Gard is about 49 meters high and the longest level of this bridge is about 275 meters long.

These are some of the important facts and figures related to the grand Pont Du Gard Bridge of France. Make sure that you visit this spectacular man made structure during your vacations.

Disneyland Paris – Experience the Real Meaning of Adventure

Most of the people from all across the world love to entertain themselves during their vacations. Generally, most of the people prefer to visit amusement parks during their


holidays. Amusement parks are really one of the best places where everyone can enjoy a lot and spend some great moments with their family. Today, there are a number of theme parks located in different parts of the world.

These theme parks are entailed with several adventures and thrilling rides and they are enhanced with one or the other specialty. So it is quite difficult for the people to opt for a perfect one. If you are also looking out for a perfect theme park where you can enjoy various adventures during your holidays, then this article will prove out to be a great help to you. This article contains some necessary information about the famous Disney land of Paris.

Disney Land of Paris is one of the major tourist attractions of Paris and this recreation resort is located in the Marne La Vallee of Paris. This theme park is sited about 32 km far from the center of Paris. Disney Land of Paris is operated by the Euro Disney and it is the second recreation resort that was opened outside the United States of America.

The famous Disney Land of Paris is one of the most visited theme parks of the world. About 15.3 million tourists from all across the world visited this amusement park in the year 2008. Today, this recreation and holiday resort holds first position among all the theme parks of the world.

The park was opened on 12th April, 1992 and the visitors were allowed to enjoy only two of the themed areas of this park and they were Euro Disney Resort and Euro Disney Land. This theme park is comprised with five themed lands and more than 50 attractions which include various thrilling rides, roller coasters and water rides.

Some of the main themed areas of this park are listed below.

1. Adventure land
It is one of the major themed lands of this park which contains a vast range of attractions for its visitors like the pirates of the Caribbean, La Plage des pirates and Adventure Isle.

2. Discovery Land
This is also one of the main recreation areas of this park which contains many thrilling rides for its visitors. Some of the major attractions of this park are Videopolis Theatre, Disney Land Railroad, Honey I shrunk the audience and Star Tours.

These are some of the best features of this exotic theme park of Paris. I am sure that you will have a great time here in this recreation resort.

Bora Bora Beach – A Rare Combination Of Natural Splendor And Marine Beauty

I am sure that you will surprise to see the natural and bare grandeur with your open eyes and will simply not believe the incredible attraction that this place will offer you. Bora Bora is a lot more beyond a mere beach holiday destination and the awe-inspiring beauty

Bora Bora Beach

of this place redefines the meaning of scenic beauty, aquatic magnetism and tranquility.

This tranquil haven is a perfect synonym of lush green backdrops and turquoise azure water. The peaceful spectacle of the place and the warmth of hospitality are in the air of Bora Bora. This place is accredited as one of natural paradises on the world map. It is a secluded beach which is a center of attraction from all over the world. Bora Bora is stunning and mind-blowing tourist attraction that gives calmness and comfort to each mind that comes to travel it.

You will simply be amazed will not take your eyes off the sea waves changing from translucent to turquoise and then to deep sapphire. This dramatic impression accompanying abundant natural charm is simply beyond words. Being here you can experience a feeling as good as being in a dream place equipped with all heavenly amenities. Originally the name of the place is Pora Pora which actually means – first born.

Bora Bora, the island belongs to the Leeward Group Of The Society Islands, French Polynesia. It is an overseas union of France situated in the Pacific Ocean. This enchanting island is positioned 230 kilometres away from the northwest of Papeete and is delimited by a barrier reef as well as a lagoon. The heart of the island upholds the remnants of a vanished volcano which is rising to two crests, Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.

All your expectations will not only be met but augmented with the over water bungalows, waterfront resorts and beachside cottages. If you are a love bird or here to enjoy your intimate honeymoon, Bora Bora is a secluded heaven for you. The widely spaced wooden piers filter off the sparkling sun beams and present a sensational ambience which is perfect to be close. The crystal clear water with the pearly sandy beaches when synchronize with the sun rays; create a dancing look for the observers.

Above all this great place has a treasure to offer the visitors in the form of love, romance, peace, relax and amusement. So give this unusual land a visit and make your life more meaningful.

Loire Valley – An Admirable Mixture of Natural Beauty

If you are planning for your upcoming vacations and you are finding yourself helpless in searching for a perfect vacation spot where you can have a great time with your family members, then this article will surely prove out to be a great help to you. Most of the

Loire Valley

people love to spend the grand moments with their family members and relatives. They love to explore some new places where they can have a lot of fun and entertainment but searching for such great places is really a boring work for them. If you also want to have some fun during your vacations and want to explore something new, then you must read this article of mine.

On my last vacations, I went to the famous Loire Valley of France which is very much popular for its scenic beauty and natural splendor among the tourists. The exotic Loire Valley is also known as the Garden of France. The Loire Valley region includes all the major wine regions of France which are situated along the Loire River. This valley includes the wine regions from the Muscadet region which is sited on the Atlantic Coast to the area of Sanceere.

The famous Loire Valley is an admirable enhancement of wine yards, spectacular flowers and rolling green hills. We can say that this fine piece clearly highlights the splendid architectural skills of France of the ancient times. The centre part of the Loire Valley which lies between Maine and Sully-Sur-Loire was declared as the world heritage site by the UNESCO on 2nd December, 2000.The famous and one of the major attractions for the tourists OF France Loire Valley is an exceptional cultural landscape which is comprised up with historic and primordial cities and villages and some of the great architectural monuments like the Cheateaux.

This grand landmark of France is enhanced with the landscapes that have been cultivated and entailed with a number of splendid interactions for the tourists. The physical environment of this Loire Valley is really very suitable and it perfectly matches its startling beauty. The Loire Valley also provides a spectacular view of the ancient castles and palaces of France.

The long and mild days of the summers as well as the springs are the best time to visit this mesmerizing land of Cheateaux. The weather is very pleasant and the temperature is quite moderate. This will surely help you to enjoy your holidays.

These out standing features will help you in selecting this Loire Valley as your holiday destination. I am sure that the mesmerizing features of this landmark will surely make your vacations memorable.

Visit The Beauval Zoo For The Striking Beauty And Unusual Species

The Beauval Zoo is situated on the outskirts of the village St. Aignan in France.  The zoo has been ranked among the top fifteen zoos of the world and is one of the most visited by

Beauval Zoo White Tiger

tourist from all over the world.  The main attractions of the zoo include the baby white tigers and also the baby gorillas. It is really an exciting experience to watch out for some of the amazing species of the animals.

When you visit the zoo you will come across the best animals including the elephants, rhinos and the alligators.  One will get to see the tigers running in the heated day time towards the beautiful birds. It is not only entertaining but also a spectacular view to watch them.  It is a common sight and one can see many times. You will definitely appreciate and admire the beauty of the zoo. The Kush green land stretched in many acres gives a magnificent view of the entire park.

There are about 4000 animals in the zoo which consists of all different kinds. These will include the elephants and the zebras.  There is pathway to move around the zoo. Along side the pathway you will find many trees which provide shade to the visitors who come to visit the zoo.  It also has steps if you are interested in taking a look from the highest point of the zoo.

Inside the zoo there are lots of parks like the Mini Safari Park where the best attraction are the zebras and the rhinos. Here you can closely view the animals as there is only a fence to separate you from the animals. They are several other species in the zoo like the Sea Lion and fifty exotic species of birds. The chirping bids show is amazing to be seen.  Also there are about 250 monkeys in the zoo.  Apart from vowing the zoo you can also get different types of restaurants inside the zoo itself.

Therefore you can enjoy some delicious and mouth watering food after your visit is completed.  Here you will get some famous dishes of France.

In all it is really an attractions that will be appreciated by all the visitors as the plenty of animals of the zoo add to the charm of this place.

So if you are an animal lover and want to enjoy a pleasant trip to France then visiting the Beauval Zoo is must. Your trip will be incomplete if you leave this tourist attraction. Thus have a fun filled trip that is full of excitement and enjoyment.

An Emblem of Sacrifice – Arc De Triomphe in Paris

If you are planning to spend your next vacations with your family members in Paris, then you must have surely made a long list of some of the famous places to visit in Paris. Eiffel

Arc De Triomphe

tower, Champs Eleysees and other worldwide popular landmarks would be unquestionably comprised up in your list. If you are interested to enhance your trip with adventurous and historic memories, then this article is really meant for you. Further in this article, we are going to discuss about the most legendary representative mile stone of Paris.

Arc De Triomphe is one of the most attractive landmarks for the tourists from all across the world. It is one of the most visited ancient monuments of Paris and the most preserved mile stone of Paris. Arc De Triomphe lies at the western part of the Champ Eleysees Street which is recognized as the most fashionable street of Paris. Arc De Triomphe was built up during the 1830’s when King Louis Phillippe was ruling over Paris. This arc was build up in order to celebrate the grand victory of Napoleon Bonaparte. The arc is comprised of ornamental decorations and skilled designs which clearly highlights and represents the tradition and culture of Paris.

The famous Arc De Triomphe consists of a stair ways of 300 steps leading to the top of this arc. It is really full of effort for the tourists to reach at the top of this arc but due to health problems, if the visitors are unable to climb at the top of this monument, then lifts and elevators facilities are available for them. The top of this arc provides a stimulating and worthy to be appreciated natural view of the exotic Paris city. Visitors can over view the furthest end of Champ Eleysees and on the other side of this arc; tourists can have a grand look of the splendid arch.

The famous Arc De Triomphe is the second largest arch of the world. It was built to pay a sincere tribute to all the French soldiers who died in the Norwegian war which was fought during the midst of the 17th century. This arch also comprises of the tomb which was built in the memory of the unknown soldiers who sacrificed their lives in World War I and World War II.

The Arc De Triomphe is one of the patriotic monuments of Paris and a stunning piece of architecture. So just make sure that you don’t miss this spectacular sign post during your visit to Paris.