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The London Eye – A Spectacular Way To Oversee London

The London Eye is a Ferris wheel that is used for passengers and is one of the most visited by the tourist from all over the world. It is also known as the Millennium Wheel and

London Eye

located on the River Themes in Europe in United Kingdom. When it was built it was the tallest one in the world having a height of 135 meters.

The wheel is designed in an egg shaped which has an air conditioned environment and has the carrying capacity of around 800 people. The Ferris wheel is divided into different capsules and each capsule can accommodate about 25 people. It is a large one therefore the passengers can easily move about in the wheel. As the wheel rotates at a very fast speed therefore there is option for stop or pause. When the passengers are interested in getting out or in the speed is reduced so that the passengers can get in and out.

The London Eye was designed by a renowned architect known as David marks together with his colleagues. It has about half an hour to complete one rotation. The rotating speed is of about 0.9 kilometers per hour. It was inaugurated in the year 2000 but was not to be used as a permanent source. But it gained so much popularity among the tourist that it was further put up as the permanent attraction for the visitors from all over the world.

When it spins it covers some of the world famous attractions which include the Windsor Castle, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and London Bridge. Even the parliament House can be seen from the highest point. As it spins over the castle one can oversee the breathtaking views. Thus it can be an exciting experience to look at some of the amazing attractions of London. It is really amazing to get some exotic view from the top of the wheel. It is now the fourth largest in the world.

The visitors can easily reach there either by airways or the waterways. The two nearest airport are the London Heathrow Airport and the London Gatwick Airport. Even the waterways facility is available. The boats are the best mean to reach their as it is situated on the River Thames.

Therefore in short it can be concluded that the London Eye is definitely an enjoyable experience that you would be longing for. So don’t think too much and quickly pack your bags and have an unforgettable journey.

Tower Bridge – A Collaboration of Engineering and Charisma

In the world of some of the famous and eye catching bridges of the world, Clifton Suspension Bridge and the famous Golden Gateway Bridge have stolen the limelight since the last few decades. They have been the major attractions for the tourists from all across

Tower Bridge

the world. The marvelous engineering skills which are comprised up at some stage in the construction of these bridges attract a large number of tourists towards its exquisiteness and magnificence. Well, if you are also planning out your upcoming vacations in the lapse of such excellent and outstanding infrastructures, then this article will surely help you out in making your vacations memorable.

Tower Bridge which is sited in London is one of the major attractions for the visitors of London. London is very popular all across the world for its ancient monuments and landmarks. The exotic and stunning Tower Bridge is also one of the major vacation spot for the tourists, apart from ancient and primordial landmarks. The great Tower Bridge lies in the midst of the River Thames and it is 42 meters above the sea level. The dockland located at the East and a queue of sky capers and other landmarks at the West of this Tower Bridge provides a dazzling and stimulating view to its viewers. It is really very interesting and amazing to watch this gigantic bridge rising up in order to make the way for the passing ships and cruises.

The foundation for this great Tower Bridge was laid the middle of the 19th century and this grand bridge was opened up for the public in 1894. UNESCO also recognized this tower as the world heritage in 1895. When this great bridge was built, it was one of the largest and the most sophisticated bridges of the world.

It is one of the hydraulically operated bridges of the world which uses the steam to power up the colossal pumping engines. The energy which is gained with the steam is stored and accumulated in the six massive accumulators. As soon as the power is required to lift up the bridge, the power is borrowed from the accumulators. The accumulators helped the driving engines to drives the bascules up and down and it takes just a minute to lift this gigantic bridge. The bridge can be lifted at an angle of 86 degrees with the help of massive bascules. In the earlier times, the massive bascules were operated with the help of oil and fuels but now, they are again operated with the help of hydraulic power.

This bridge is really an excellent combination of engineering and attractiveness and it is a must see for the London visiting tourists.

Tower of London – The Diplomat Landmark of London

As one of the leading intellectual and civilizing cities of United States, London provides many attractions for the tourists from all over the world. London is one of the densely populated metropolises of the United States. London is highly crowded with several

Tower of London

museums, monarchies, iconic landmarks and churches which make it one of the most visited tourist attractions of the world. The Tower of London sited in London is the representative milestone of London and also the chief attraction for the tourists. The memorable visit to the Tower of London is a must for any first time London visitor and for those who have visited London for a few times.

The Tower of London is one of the oldest and youthful buildings of London. It was build up in the 12th century during the reign of King Richard. This ancient monument which is famous for its exotic and out of the ordinary architecture is sited at the centre of the London Fortress.

It is believed by the people of London that during the 12th century, the Norwegian king William tried to conquer the vast empire of King Richard. He raised several efforts to defeat the English emperor. Many wars were being fought between the Norwegian king and King Richard. These wars resulted in the huge loss of the nobles and civilians of London. These wars also caused a colossal slaughter of property and precious treasures of London. So in order to secure the nobles of London from the dreadful consequences of the Norwegian wars, King Richard constructed the Tower of London which in the future proved out to be a great protection for the people of London.

This out standing and pretty strong tower which is composed of white marbles was used to protect London from the outside enemies. It also proved out to be a royal palace for the families of London. The first lady of London Queen Elizabeth also admires this stunning landmark which is considered as a pride of London.

One of the major facts related to Tower of London is that this tower had been a witness to the execution of some of the famous personalities of London. Some of the famous executions which took place in the Tower of London since the last two decades are: the execution of Anne Boleyn in 1530 and Sir Walter Releigh who was the explorer of America.

The Tower of London welcomes the tourists from all over the world on almost all the days of the year. So if you are not familiar with this tower, then London would be a better option for you where you can plan your next vacations.

Visit Madame Tussauds Museum For A Thrilling Experience On Your Holiday

Well, we all love to visit lovely tourist attractions with our family members. There are several holiday attractions worldwide which people love to visit. I must tell you that traveling can be great fun for all of us. Further in this article, we are going to talk

Madame Tussauds,London

particularly about a great travel attraction, Madame Tussauds Museum. It is definitely a hotspot amongst the tourists from all over the world. You can visit this place along with your family members and I can assure you one thing that you would certainly enjoy a lot.

Before proceeding further, let us take a brief look in to the history of this place. Well, Madame Tussauds is a wax museum which was set up by the famous wax artist Marie Tussauds. This museum has a number of branches worldwide. It is certainly one of the most popular places to visit in this world. It is a wax museum that comprises in wax sculptures of popular personalities. There are abundant galleries including Pirates of the Caribbean, the History of London and the Culture zone.

There is nothing like the aura and ambience of this place. Once you come here you would never want to leave this place. Well, this place is filled with some ecstatic wax sculptures of famous celebrities. If you want you can click some real life pictures along with Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, David Bekham, Sachin Tendulkar and many more. I can assure you that your kids would love to come here.

This museum is open all seven days a week. You can visit this place during 9 am – 6 pm. You can choose your ticket as per your budget. Well, according to me ticket prices are a bit higher but this museum certainly deserves it all. This museum is located in close proximity to a large number of other tourist attractions in London. You can easily reach this place by bus, train or taxi. If you are traveling abroad then you can reach here by air planes. Heathrow International Airport is not too far away from this place.

It is London’s best place to party. You can enjoy your vacations here along with your family members. So, these are some of the essential things regarding Madame Tussauds museum in London. Make sure you visit this place once. You would surely enjoy your visit here. Don’t forget to go through this article once. Have fun!

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – Place To Relish With Classical Arts

The Shakespeare’s globe theatre was  established in 1997. Originally it was a playhouse in London located on the banks of Thanes River.  It is

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

designed keeping in mind the Elizabethan style. It is one of the most famous playhouses where some of the great plays of Shakespeare were performed.

It is well known for the exhibitions held on the Shakespeare life and his novels and plays.  Also a few activities are also carried out to educate the people and the youth. The theatre was constructed from the oak frames with the carrying capacity of 3000 people. The playhouse has become as well known and renowned as he himself was.

When the theatre was opened for plays Sam Wanamaker was the first director who aimed at providing a perfect recreational center for the Shakespeare’s plays and dramas.  The theatre was started by Sam Wanamaker with the aim for providing recreation to the people. Though he suffered from problems and threats but still he managed to start the playhouse again in 1997. Thus he was the first director to direct the plays and dramas of Shakespeare.

The playhouse is constructed from oak frames with three tier sitting arrangement. It is built in a circular design with the carrying capacity of about 3000. The plays were organized in the center so that everyone could enjoy and get a clearer view. The floor was made up of concrete material with good furnishing. If one wants to have a deep knowledge he should watch the plays.

You need to buy a ticket for watching the plays but it is not a costly one and cost about one penny only. It is always an exciting experience to see the plays of the great dramatist. The actors are so much involved in the play that they give a feeling that they are the original actors. Propel shouting over the actors and making comments is just awesome to see. The notable expressions of the artist are must to see as they are very unique.

Watching them gives a thrilling feeling as it is a finest experience to view the live plays and dramas in theatre or playhouse.

The best way to know about the theatre is to watch out the plays which are mostly held during the summer seasons. It is open from May to the mid of October while in the winter season it is used for the educational purposes for the people of all age groups.

Therefore in all it is a full entertaining attraction for the visitors from all over the world.

Buckingham Palace – A Place To Experience Imperial Luxury

Visiting a place that upholds the architectural beauty, rich historical importance and scenic views is the dream that every traveler wants to be fulfilled.  But there are rarely a

Buckingham Palace

few places that accompany all of these amazing features. This extraordinary list holds the Buckingham Palace, London amongst the top most places that are worth visiting. It is accredited with the title the “world’s largest working royal palace”. This place is the official London residence for the British monarchy.

Buckingham Palace depicts the story that how opulently the kings and the monarchs lead their lives. The fascinating interiors with astounding exteriors altogether create charismatic impression. The enchanting beauty of this place invites the people hailing from the distant corners of the world.

Historical Background
The Buckingham Palace was officially set up in 1837 and catered as the administrative London house of the Britain’s sovereigns. Nowadays it is serving the government as the official headquarters belonging to the Monarch. This royal place accommodates The Queen as well as The Duke of Edinburgh along with their immediate family. It is a working place but is a masterpiece uphold by the Britain’s constitutional monarchy.

Architectural Outline

This magnificent place has 775 rooms encompassing the 19 state rooms, 52 royal bedrooms belonging to the imperial guests and family. There are 188 staff bedrooms along with 78 bathrooms and 92 offices. Talking about the measurement we can say that this is unquestionably a grand building. The palace has 108 meters long across at the front, 24 meters high and 120 meters deep. It has occupied total 828,818 square (77,000 square meters) feet of area.

Facts Of Prime Importance

It is a place that is used to celebrate the official events and witnessed reception parties hosted by the Queen, the State Rooms of the Buckingham Palace. Still this place is open for the public visit. The palace boasts of the largest private garden across London. It comes amongst the few most popular buildings of the world that welcomes almost 50,000 visitors each year. These are the outside people are the guests to the banquets and the royal parties are organized for dinners, lunches, receptions at the garden side.

The palace consists of art gallery that preserves some of the timeless artworks created by eminent personalities such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck, etc. The largest room of the Buckingham Palace is the State Ballroom. State banquets have a magnificent capacity to greet more that 150 guest and these can satisfy their taste buds with the internationally acclaimed cuisines in gold plates. The State Ballroom has its historical presence as the George III celebrated his birthday here in 1811.

Westminster Abbey – Smell The Historical Aroma Of The Gothic Church

The Westminster Abbey is an historical monument which holds great significance.  The church was built many centuries ago between the 1245 and 1517. It is situated in London.

Westminster Abbey

But though it may not be too impressive in design and style but historically it has a unique background. It is the burial place for most of the kings and queen of that period. It is also considered as the world heritage site.

The church is also known as the St. Peter at Westminster but formerly called the Westminster Abbey. The palace of the Westminster is situated close to the church and is best known for the coronation of the Brutish Kings.  It was initially the cathedral but now it is no more on to it.

Because of the historical background it is one of the most appreciated attractions of the world. The church was built to be dedicated to saint Edward. Till date the devotees and the worshippers come for prayers and choirs. The church also has a statue of Saint Edward in whose memories this church was constructed.

Owing to the historical place one will get to see paintings, carved out pottery and architectural designs that are beyond explaining in words. Still the things that were found in that period are preserved for the visitors and the public. They may be around 1000 years old. One would not be left behind appreciating the art and the sculpture of the medieval period.

The Westminster Abbey was built with sandstone and limestone and is 222 feet high. The church consists of many amazing views like the tombs and the gorgeous chapels. The high arching windows and spiritual things are the most fascinated ones. So if you are visiting London then tor must watch out for this masterwork. It just takes about two hours to completely view the church and explore the history.

The visitors can get lots of information regarding the personal tours or the group tours. The best time to visit the Westminster Abbey is the spring season as the atmosphere is lovely. The climate is moderate with cool weather conditions. You can also get transportation easily to reach to the church.

Thus it can be an exciting trip to know and discover a few facts about the historical background of the Westminster Abbey. Therefore it can be concluded that it is the living memorial where one can find complete peace. One can relax and relish this trip for times to come.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – Heaven For Devotees And Peace Lovers

The St. Paul’s Cathedral located in London is a landmark and well known for its finest architecture all over the world. Its magnificent beauty is worth seeing. The Cathedral in

St. Paul's Cathedral

designed in the English version and holds significance of the Renaissance period. It consists of a huge dome and throws a light on the British history.

The church is situated on the highest point of London which is the Ludgate Hill. The history dates back to the 17th century and was planned by Sir Christopher Wren in 604 AD.  It is the tallest monument and well known for the sightseeing. It is not only famous but also very impressive.

The cathedral is built with a special stone known as the Portland which gives an appealing look. It is 365 feet high and recognized as the renowned landmark of London. The church consists of three domes with the outer one supporting the main structure of the building. The inner dome is the place where you will find a chapel. Adjoining to the chapel there are three galleries. These include the Stone gallery, Whispering gallery and the Golden Gallery.

There are lots of monuments inside the church like the remains of the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the well being of the country. Along with galleries one can also look for the prominent art work that includes the paintings, carvings and the scripts. The church is remarkably known for the great achievements of the Sir Christopher Wren. During the evening prayers songs are sung along with the choir.

The highlighting features of the Cathedral are the galleries out of which the Whispering gallery is most visited. One can get excellent views of the city of London When you go down the cathedral you will find a crypt which is well designed. But a fee is charged to get an entry to the crypt. People can come as a visitor and also as a worshipper where he can find time fir himself. Some of the people also engage in charity and the services that are offered by the church to the poor and the needy.

The St. Paul’s cathedral is the masterpiece and is regarded as one of the finest places where the worshiper can visit. The soothing beauty of this place engrosses every mind with eternal peace and spiritual solace.

So if interested in having a peaceful time with your loved ones and your family then you must surely visit the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Trafalgar Square – Visit To Experience Some Unique Art Forms

Trafalgar Square is located in the heart of the city London. It is amongst the most famous tourist places in the world.  It has got its name after the battle of Trafalgar but George

Trafalgar Square

Taylor had given this name so it was called as the Trafalgar Square. In the center there is a statue of Nelson Column and surrounded by four statues of lions on the base. One will get to see work pieces of sculpture and art.

It has a huge central arc which is bounded by pathway from all the three sides. One of the

Trafalgar Square

pathway leads to the National Gallery where you will get exclusive art forms and beautifully carved out sculptures.  The beauty lies in the extraordinary art that has been displayed here. One will be amazed to see the variety of architectural works also.

The Nelson Column which is located at the center is made up of a metal while the four lions are made of bronze. It has been designed by John Nash during the 1830’s. The central figure is of Nelson who fought the battle against Napoleon and died there. The statue is 18 feet long and made of metals that are brought from France and Spain. The lions are built to guard the square.

One can also visit a few places around the square. On the west side is the Canada House while on the east is situated is the African House. An impressive building is located on the southern side which adds to the charm and beauty of the Trafalgar Square.

As it is built in memory of Nelson it is regarded as one of the most prestigious places in London. Many local residents and the visitors come to explore some of the unique and exclusive features that are found here. It is very well maintained and considered as very sacred for the people of London.
The people who love to know about the art and culture and are interested in historical facts can visit this destination for sure. One will get impressed by the ancient design and the architecture that is used while designing this unique piece.

So in my view the Trafalgar Square is definitely a must visit destination because it gives a great insight about the culture that prevailed during that time. One should acknowledge the respect that the people of London have for this place.

Therefore take your loved ones to visit this historical destination where you have a good time with everyone. Hope you will enjoy visiting this place and it becomes an unforgettable journey.