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Petra – A Golden Destination Of Historic Charm And Splendor

Petra is an extremely beautiful historic city in Jordan. Various archeological excavations are going on in this city in order to gain more knowledge about its history and culture.


This ancient city is nearly hidden by the impenetrable mountains which are located east to the exotic valley which connects the Dead Sea with Gulf of Aqaba. It is a totally enchanting site which contains numerous majestic temples and tombs which are constructed with pink, orange and red sandstone.

This place is mainly the center of the Nabataean culture and archaeological excavations have proved that the site contains various different rocks that belong to the Paleolithic period.

A World Wonder
This city is amongst the seven wonders of this world and it is a valuable treasure for the people of Jordan. Thousands of tourists come to this marvelous place from all across the globe. The sites and the tombs were mainly craved by the Arabs who lived here various centuries ago. Petra is known know as the “rose- red city”. The Arabs made various routes which connected Jordan with other trading countries in South East Asia.

Facts about Petra

1. The weather in this city is extremely hot that is why while exploring the city it is highly essential for you to carry a hat along with you. You must wear good walking shoes and carry plenty of water to drink while you are taking the tour of the city.

2. People who want to take beautiful photographs of this attractive city must visit the site early in the morning or in the late afternoon. During the morning and noon the sun highlights all the natural and special features of the site to make them look even more enchanting.

3. Motorized vehicles are usually not allowed in the city that is why if you can not walk you can take horse ridden carriages.

4. Inside Petra you will find a Roman style theater which contains various temples, sacrificial altars, obelisks and colonnaded streets. Within this structure you can find two attractive museums which contain various different items that were found during the excavations.

5. The Treasury is the main part of Petra and you need at least four to five days to fully explore the place. Here you will find various rock-cut tombs with elaborate carvings.

6. Small handy crafts shops can be found all along the streets where you can purchase local items.

I am sure visiting Petra would surely be a wonderful experience for your whole family and friends.