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Acropolis and Parthenon- Historical Masterpiece of Athens

The Acropolis and the Parthenon of Athens are landmark structures which best define the historical heritage of Greece.  The Acropolis of Athens was a pre-eminent monument in the list of European Cultural Heritage. The Parthenon is a remarkable structure that is a


temple which was constructed to worship Goddess Athena who was regarded as the protector of the people of Athens. The Acropolis of Athens is mainly the hill which contains the Parthenon.

Essential facts that you must know about the Parthenon

History of Parthenon
This temple was constructed using the Doric-style which was very unique and appealing. This amazing building has survived nearly 2,500 years but it still stands on top of the Acropolis of Athens. Besides being a temple, this building was also used by the Greeks as a fortress, church, treasury and mosque. This temple was constructed in place of the olden temples which were earlier destroyed by the Persians. When the construction started then it also contained the statue of Athena Parthenos which was built by Pheidias.

This construction of this structure stated in 447BCE and it finished in 438 BCE. The other decorative items were added much later to the building. Many tourists come here all around the year to view the beauty of this majestic building.

Other Building Located near the Parthenon
There are various other buildings that are located near the Parthenon which you can also visit. People who come here must at least spent two to three days here in order to explore all the old buildings.

Cultural significance of this Place

This building is culturally important for the people of Athens and that is why the government is trying its best to preserve the ruins of this building. In every four years a festival known as the Panathenaea is held here. This festival includes a procession which moves through the city of Athens and finally stops at Acropolis and enters the Parthenon. This structure has undergone various changes through the centuries.

Things to see here
1. At this site you can see the exotic building of Temple of Hephaestus which is one of the finest structures of this temple.

2. The pillars of the temple are standing on the structure which is known as the stylobate.

3. At this temple you can see various carvings on the walls which mainly depict the various scenes related to the Goddess Athena.

The Parthenon of Athens is a very important place historically that is why visiting it would surely be a memorable experience for you all.