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Kolomenskoye – A Wonderful Royal Estate In Russia

Kolomenskoye is a highly attractive area which was a former royal estate located some miles away from the center of Moscow city. Various tourists come here all around the year to admire the majestic structure. Here you have a sloping area which is covered with lush green cherry trees and various other plants. On this estate you will find various museums and churches that were built centuries ago.

This marvelous place is listed under the UNESCO list that is why many local people come here on weekends to spend some fun filled moments with their family members.

History of Kolomenskoye
This grand estate was constructed by the Grand Duke Ivan Kalita in the year 1339. In the 14th century its possession passed on to Grand Dukes of Muscovy and later it became a cherished home to the Tsars of Russia. The estate consists of the great palace and other such structures.

The church of the Ascension
The church of the Ascension is famous all around the world and it was built in 1532 on the estate of Kolomenskoye. The church was mainly constructed to celebrate the birth of Tsar

church of the Ascension

Ivan IV. This church has a traditional tent-roofed church standing on a stone and brick structure. It is one of the earliest structures to adopt this design and it is also responsible for the development of the ecclesiastical architecture of Russia.

The wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich
The wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was a great masterpiece that was constructed on the estate of Kolomenskoye. It was built in 1667-1668 but is no longer

wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich

present in the estate due to its early destruction. It was a beautiful palace which was often considered as the “Eight wonder of the world”.  The main structure was connected with various other buildings with the help of the numerous passageways. The structures consisted of various cupolas, ogee-shaped roofs, towers, globes, Kokoshniks, gilded double headed eagles and spires.

The Chambers of Vasily III
The chambers of Vasily III were highly enchanting but it was burned down due to the attacks of Khan Mukhammed Girei I.

Architectural importance of Kolomenskoye
Kolomenskoye estate is one of the greatest examples of the exotic architecture of Russia that was practiced during the early centuries. Here you can find the St. George temple with belfry, the water tower, Ascension Church, John the Baptist Decapitation Church and Lady of Kazan Church.

If you really want to gain information about Russia’s golden past then you must surely visit this place.