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Make A Exotic Trip To The Beaches Of East Coast Islands

The East Coast Island in Singapore is a large uptown that offers its visitors with some great and amusing sights. The white sandy beaches that are present on the isle are the prime and prevalent attraction for the tourists who come at this place. It is also called as the true and ancient abode for the people of Singapore. This part of the Singapore offers its visitors with a great store of the pastoral sites that are the main cause for attracting the trippers at this isle.

Singapore East Coast Park

What To See At The Place

The literature of the tourists frequently hawks the Arabian streets that were restored near Buigs. But the prime attraction of the people at this place is the Geyland Serai, which is also recognized as the true domicile of the Malay Community of Singapore. Above all the Islamic month of Ramadan leads up to the Eid – Ul – Fitr which is known Hari Raya Puasa. The entire isle is lightened up by the neon light that gives the appearance of any celebration taking place. People visit the restaurants and the shopping malls in the evenings, when the sun goes down.

But the best feature of this isle is the beaches of this isle. They offer you with the camping sites as well as the access to the Barbeque. Some of the remarkable parks where the camping facility is availed to all the visitors are enlisted below.

1. East Coast Park
This is the largest park ion the entire country. It is the most well recognized spot for the visitors to hang out with their family and friends. You can visit this park which is present on the gloomy and muddy side. The palm trees and the clad rollers that zoom on the esplanade add a charm to this park. You have to pay the rent for the bicycle, skates and cars. The fishing and the camping sites will provide you with some cozy moments. The barbeque is also permitted to the visitors of this park.

2. Changi Beach
This is located near the change village. It is the best site for the local picnickers, swimmers and the sunbathers. If you are on the hunt for the best beach that can provide you with some private and luxurious moments then this is the perfect place for you.

3. Mangrove Boardwalk
This is one of the few remaining mangroves in Singapore. You can take a note of the mudskippers, fiddle crabs and a diverse variety of the butterflies.

I can promise you that your trip at this isle will not be a waste.