Trafalgar Square – Visit To Experience Some Unique Art Forms

Trafalgar Square – Visit To Experience Some Unique Art Forms

Trafalgar Square is located in the heart of the city London. It is amongst the most famous tourist places in the world.  It has got its name after the battle of Trafalgar but George

Trafalgar Square

Taylor had given this name so it was called as the Trafalgar Square. In the center there is a statue of Nelson Column and surrounded by four statues of lions on the base. One will get to see work pieces of sculpture and art.

It has a huge central arc which is bounded by pathway from all the three sides. One of the

Trafalgar Square

pathway leads to the National Gallery where you will get exclusive art forms and beautifully carved out sculptures.  The beauty lies in the extraordinary art that has been displayed here. One will be amazed to see the variety of architectural works also.

The Nelson Column which is located at the center is made up of a metal while the four lions are made of bronze. It has been designed by John Nash during the 1830’s. The central figure is of Nelson who fought the battle against Napoleon and died there. The statue is 18 feet long and made of metals that are brought from France and Spain. The lions are built to guard the square.

One can also visit a few places around the square. On the west side is the Canada House while on the east is situated is the African House. An impressive building is located on the southern side which adds to the charm and beauty of the Trafalgar Square.

As it is built in memory of Nelson it is regarded as one of the most prestigious places in London. Many local residents and the visitors come to explore some of the unique and exclusive features that are found here. It is very well maintained and considered as very sacred for the people of London.
The people who love to know about the art and culture and are interested in historical facts can visit this destination for sure. One will get impressed by the ancient design and the architecture that is used while designing this unique piece.

So in my view the Trafalgar Square is definitely a must visit destination because it gives a great insight about the culture that prevailed during that time. One should acknowledge the respect that the people of London have for this place.

Therefore take your loved ones to visit this historical destination where you have a good time with everyone. Hope you will enjoy visiting this place and it becomes an unforgettable journey.

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