St. Paul’s Cathedral – Heaven For Devotees And Peace Lovers

St. Paul’s Cathedral – Heaven For Devotees And Peace Lovers

The St. Paul’s Cathedral located in London is a landmark and well known for its finest architecture all over the world. Its magnificent beauty is worth seeing. The Cathedral in

St. Paul's Cathedral

designed in the English version and holds significance of the Renaissance period. It consists of a huge dome and throws a light on the British history.

The church is situated on the highest point of London which is the Ludgate Hill. The history dates back to the 17th century and was planned by Sir Christopher Wren in 604 AD.  It is the tallest monument and well known for the sightseeing. It is not only famous but also very impressive.

The cathedral is built with a special stone known as the Portland which gives an appealing look. It is 365 feet high and recognized as the renowned landmark of London. The church consists of three domes with the outer one supporting the main structure of the building. The inner dome is the place where you will find a chapel. Adjoining to the chapel there are three galleries. These include the Stone gallery, Whispering gallery and the Golden Gallery.

There are lots of monuments inside the church like the remains of the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the well being of the country. Along with galleries one can also look for the prominent art work that includes the paintings, carvings and the scripts. The church is remarkably known for the great achievements of the Sir Christopher Wren. During the evening prayers songs are sung along with the choir.

The highlighting features of the Cathedral are the galleries out of which the Whispering gallery is most visited. One can get excellent views of the city of London When you go down the cathedral you will find a crypt which is well designed. But a fee is charged to get an entry to the crypt. People can come as a visitor and also as a worshipper where he can find time fir himself. Some of the people also engage in charity and the services that are offered by the church to the poor and the needy.

The St. Paul’s cathedral is the masterpiece and is regarded as one of the finest places where the worshiper can visit. The soothing beauty of this place engrosses every mind with eternal peace and spiritual solace.

So if interested in having a peaceful time with your loved ones and your family then you must surely visit the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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