Westminster Abbey – Smell The Historical Aroma Of The Gothic Church

Westminster Abbey – Smell The Historical Aroma Of The Gothic Church

The Westminster Abbey is an historical monument which holds great significance.  The church was built many centuries ago between the 1245 and 1517. It is situated in London.

Westminster Abbey

But though it may not be too impressive in design and style but historically it has a unique background. It is the burial place for most of the kings and queen of that period. It is also considered as the world heritage site.

The church is also known as the St. Peter at Westminster but formerly called the Westminster Abbey. The palace of the Westminster is situated close to the church and is best known for the coronation of the Brutish Kings.  It was initially the cathedral but now it is no more on to it.

Because of the historical background it is one of the most appreciated attractions of the world. The church was built to be dedicated to saint Edward. Till date the devotees and the worshippers come for prayers and choirs. The church also has a statue of Saint Edward in whose memories this church was constructed.

Owing to the historical place one will get to see paintings, carved out pottery and architectural designs that are beyond explaining in words. Still the things that were found in that period are preserved for the visitors and the public. They may be around 1000 years old. One would not be left behind appreciating the art and the sculpture of the medieval period.

The Westminster Abbey was built with sandstone and limestone and is 222 feet high. The church consists of many amazing views like the tombs and the gorgeous chapels. The high arching windows and spiritual things are the most fascinated ones. So if you are visiting London then tor must watch out for this masterwork. It just takes about two hours to completely view the church and explore the history.

The visitors can get lots of information regarding the personal tours or the group tours. The best time to visit the Westminster Abbey is the spring season as the atmosphere is lovely. The climate is moderate with cool weather conditions. You can also get transportation easily to reach to the church.

Thus it can be an exciting trip to know and discover a few facts about the historical background of the Westminster Abbey. Therefore it can be concluded that it is the living memorial where one can find complete peace. One can relax and relish this trip for times to come.

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